Can the Google Glass be Used in a Casino


Casino-2It used to be that a camera was a standalone device that only took pictures. However, with today’s technology cameras come integrated in new forms such as with mobile phones and tablets.

One of the newest types of cameras comes in Google Glass which is essentially a headset. They look much like glasses and are worn like them. A small screen is found in the upper part of the frame which makes it possible to keep abreast of all forms of communication you would normally receive with a computer, phone or tablet. Keep in mind Google Glass isn’t a replacement for these devices but rather a second screen to be synchronized with a compatible device.

Along with this is the ability to take photos as a camera function is included. What makes Google Glass’s camera unique is that wearers can snap photos in a much more discreet manner. In fact, some people may not even know a photo is being taken of them. This has caused some concern for privacy and possible evasive uses of the device. One industry that is seeing red flags in regards to Google Glass is the casino industry. The taking of photographs has long been prohibited by casinos so it should be of little surprise that this device has not been well received. Casinos worry that Google Glass could make it even easier to cheat while playing table games. For instance, if someone wears a pair in a poker game, they could possible broadcast an opponent’s hand. Many casinos have explicitly banned the glasses from being worn in their establishments. You can always use your google glasses whilst playing mobile games at where no one can tell you what to wear.

If you plan on owning a pair of GoogleGlasses, it is important to be careful as to wear you use the device to ensure you won’t get into any type of trouble.

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