How to Make a Little More Money to Make Ends Meet


miami-skylineTimes can get tough and most people have to go through times of financial insecurity in their lives. If you want to think about it positively, it’s character building and teaches you the value of money and how to be crafty and frugal to ensure you keep your house and can buy food. If you’ve got a steady job, that is just failing slightly to get you to the end of the month comfortably, then I have come up with some ways that you can make an extra few dollars to just help you along.


I’m going to bet you’ve got quite a lot of stuff in your house that you barely even know is there any more. I’m talking about all the stuff hidden away in the attic, or stuffed under the beds. It’s the stuff you won’t throw away because you might need it one day – even though we all know you never will. People will buy all kinds of rubbish on eBay so round it all up and sell it. I had an Aunt who did it and managed to sell enough to help pay for a 6 week trip to Australia. It can become addictive, though, so make sure you stop at the point where you start selling things you still need. You know it’s a problem when you start eyeing up your kids toys or your partner’s collectible figurines and wonder if they’d miss a couple…

Paid Surveys

Companies need to keep an eye on how their customer base is feeling about them at the moment, and how shopping habits are changing and so they will pay people to do surveys for them. If you do enough, you can make a nice, small amount of pocket money, that might just help tide you over, in case of any unexpected bills.  Survey Junkie is a good place to start if you want to get into this.

Online Skills

I’m not suggesting you should become a freelancer but you’d probably be surprised by the amount of things people will pay you to do on the internet. If you have any skills like web design, proofreading, or content writing, you should put them to good use and pick up some extra money as well. Using sites like Upwork, you’ll find lots of little jobs you can apply for which shouldn’t take too up much of your time. Plus, you never know, if you’re successful it might turn into a more full time enterprise.

Foreign Exchange Students

Many schools take in foreign exchange students and their accommodation is dependent on the local people helping out. Get in touch with the local schools to start the process. By renting out a room to a foreign exchange student, you get a nice steady stream of extra income. I know in the UK there are even tax breaks that means you get to keep the majority of that money.

With a bit of know-how it actually becomes quite easy to make a bit of extra money on the side of your main job. This money might prove invaluable to you and save you from the debt collectors.

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