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Becoming an entrepreneur is a dream for many, but if you’re intimidated by the prospect of setting out on your own, stop and evaluate the steps necessary to growing a successful business. Business pundits on outlets like Forbes and others have long been arguing that entrepreneurial skills are going to be necessary to compete in the new global economy. As more and more professionals work independently and interest rates remain low, there’s never been a better time to get into business yourself. If you’re convinced that you’re ready to start today, but you’re just not sure to get into business, consider becoming a PGP BlackBerry reseller.

PGP BlackBerry encryption fits many of the criteria that make for a successful new business:

  • It’s a large margin business with low wholesale pricing, giving you room to breath; low margin businesses like restaurants typically have a much higher closure rate.
  • Low start up costs, meaning you can invest to the scale at which you’re comfortable; start by selling a few and growing your business as you start seeing profits.
  • PGP encryption provided by software companies like Myntex are white label products, which mean that while they provide the technology, you provide your brand. White labeling is a system that works well in local markets, where customers trust and depend on their local reseller.


What Is PGP BlackBerry Encryption?

PGP BlackBerry encryption fills an important need in the telecommunications industry: better email security. Email is not a secure method of communication, whether you’re an individual concerned about cybercrime, a journalist worried about police surveillance, a business person who has to keep in mind corporate espionage or intervention from undemocratic governments where you do business, or you work in an industry like health or finance where information you send professionally must be kept confidential by law. Encryption companies like Myntex provide PGP on BlackBerry devices, disabling browser, app, voice, and camera features for maximum security. They work through local resellers to provide users with subscriptions for end-to-end international email encryption, and that’s where local entrepreneurs enter the picture.

Take the company Myntex for example; when you sell their PGP encryption service, you provide the user with a prepaid SIM card, setup and activation, remote wipe services, and the device. Your SIM card supply is easily managed through a reseller portal, which allows you to prepay the vendor for SIM cards, activate them once the user has paid for the subscription, and execute a remote wipe in case the user loses their device.

How Does It Work?

PGP encryption is a technology originally developed in 1991 that relies on advanced algorithms to encrypt emails. A PGP encryption service generates a one-time key that will decrypt the email; the problem is, how do you get it to the recipient quickly and conveniently? That’s done through a system of public and private keys; the private key is unique to each device, i.e., the BlackBerry, and connected to a public key. The public key can be posted online or shared with your friends, colleagues, and business clients or partners, similar to the way you would share your email address. Only the intended recipient’s private key (linked to their public one) will decrypt the one-time key, allowing the message to be read. This system means that even if an email is intercepted along the way, it can’t be read by anyone else.

In the infographic below you can see the main scheme behind PGP encryption:


PGP encryption is growing quickly in popularity as more and more people realize that their email is not necessarily secure. Becoming a reseller today is a great way to start your own business and begin your career as an entrepreneur.

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