Removing Safari from a Mac with Movavi Mac Cleaner


Every Mac comes with Safari pre-installed as the default web browser, and many Mac aficionados swear by it. However if you have found that you prefer to use another web browser instead, there is no real reason to keep Safari around on your Mac as all it will do is take up storage space.


That being said if you ever try to remove Safari the normal way (i.e. dragging it to the Trash), OS X will prevent you from doing so. In fact a warning will pop up advising you not to delete it because it is ‘required by OS X’.

While that may leave you feeling as though you really shouldn’t remove Safari, the truth is that it is a generic message that will pop up any time you try to uninstall a native OS X app – including Mail, FaceTime, Chess, and so on. Still to be safe and make sure you’re able to remove Safari without affecting any of your other apps the best way to do so would be with Movavi Mac Cleaner.


Not only will Movavi Mac Cleaner let you safely uninstall any native OS X apps, but it will make it easy to do so. If you want to know how to remove Safari from Mac, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Launch Movavi Mac Cleaner and let the automated scan finish.
  2. Open the ‘Uninstaller’ tab on the left side of the software and wait as it scans your apps.
  3. Click on ‘OS X Apps’.
  4. Check the box beside ‘Safari’.
  5. Click ‘Remove’ to uninstall it.

Before (or after) you uninstall Safari you could also clean all the junk from your Mac by pressing the ‘Start Cleaning’ button. Additionally while you’re using the ‘Uninstaller’ in Movavi Mac Cleaner you may also want to remove any other apps that you aren’t using, as well as leftovers from apps that may have been removed in the past.

Make no mistake there are quite a number of other interesting features that may be useful in Movavi Mac Cleaner. It includes a ‘Shredder’ to securely delete confidential files, an antivirus and firewall to protect your Mac from viruses and other threats, and also tools to optimize your memory and the apps that run on startup.

In short you will have a number of ways in which you can clear more storage space on your Mac, boost its performance, and increase its overall speed. Needless to say you should take full advantage of the features that Movavi Mac Cleaner brings to the table, as it will help you to make sure your Mac stays in tip-top condition for longer.

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