The Amazing Bell 206-B3 Jet Ranger RC Helicopter


freftgrtgrtWhen we talk about two-bladed helicopters designed for military pilot training operations, the Bell 206 family of helicopters consisting of either single or twin engines, comes to mind. The latest BIII Jet Ranger is a redesign of the original helicopter of this range manufactured by Bell Helicopter. There are many variants of this aircraft and the 206-B3 model was given an additional 2 inches to its tail rotor diameter for better and more advanced yaw control. Furthermore, it has an upgraded Allison 250-C20J engine. Some other models included in this range offer advanced training options, single digital cockpit, export features, and upgraded transmission. This makes this type of Helicopter a perfect aircraft for pilot training purposes. It is also a basic type of a helicopter which makes it easy to learn.

History: The JetRanger series is among the most definitive turbine run light power and commercial helicopter of days gone by three years. The JetRanger can track its lineage back again to an unsuccessful contender for a US Military competition for a light observation helicopter, that was acquired by the Hughes 500.  This first Model 206 made its first air travel on Dec 8 1962, as the pursuing civil 206A, driven by the 235kW (317shorsepower) Allison C18A, used, soaring on January 10, 1966. Deliveries of the first development JetRangers started later part of the for the reason that same calendar year. Once more Bell offered a transformation kit to upgrade early JetRangers to the new standard. Other features launched on the JetRanger III were a more substantial and upgraded tail rotor and slight modifications. JetRanger development was moved from Tx to Mirabel in Canada in 1986, where in fact the current creation model remains the 206B3 JetRanger III. The JetRanger was also accepted by the united states Military as an observation helicopter as the OH58 Kiowa, and variations of the Kiowa stay in production in America.

Armed forces 206Bs were also built-in Australia for the Australian Military, where programs were also organised to generate civilian 206Bs for the Australian market under permit, but these dropped through.

Cost: The Bell 206 Jet Ranger is relatively cost effective to its competitors, while price is ranging from 600,000 USD to 1.3 million USD, therefore many training centers would want to use it for the purpose.

Description: The 206-B3 is a 5-seater helicopter first developed in 1985. Its engine is rated at 420 SHP including enough power to realize a speed of up to 140 mph. It comes with extra attractive features like night scanner, additional baggage space, air conditioner, and salt battery. The rotor brake includes dual pads and there are door openers and other controls for advanced operation. The helicopter has the most impressive safety record in this class owing to its amazing safety features. Because of these characteristics, the chopper has a great resale value and it is being used in many parts of the world for various purposes.


Features: The chopper comes with a range of attractive features including;

–       Cost-effective operations

–       Low acquisition costs

–       Rupture resistant fuel system

–       Twist grip engine throttle

–       Maximum range of 374 nautical miles (694 km)

–       Superior auto-rotation features

–       Shoulder harnesses for extra safety

Profiles: The Bell 206-B3 helicopter is currently being used as a corporate, law enforcement, and utility aircraft. In addition to the pilot, there is capacity for accommodating four passengers easily. Its turbine engine is not only extremely powerful but also very reliable. When used for law enforcement, it offers a maximum range of 374 nautical miles at full cruise. Its additional margin-of-safety features make it one of the most preferred choppers for utility purposes. It supports external loads of up to 1,500 lbs.

If you want an aircraft designed for military operations but also offering great utility and corporate features, the Bell 206-B3 is the perfect solution. With its impressive resale value and a horde of added features for safety, it has become one of the most preferred helicopters of its range. With an engine take off power of 420 SHP or 313 KW and a standard useful load of around 1,500 lbs, it offers a powerful, efficient and reliable flight operation.

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