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Wake Up Now it’s not just another multi-level marketing company but it’s a perfect solution, basically available for everyone to easily increase their income. It is a program that can help you in deciding your own pace. You can put in the amount of effort you can and then be there in the business by just blogging. The more effort you put in building your online presence, the more money you can gain.

I started this post by stating that WakeUpNow it’s not just another multi-level marketing company. Why did I say that?

Well, I my opinion, the traditional MLM is not working. OK, I’m not saying that I’m 100% sure, but I wouldn’t knock to each and every door to beg strangers to buy a $10 worth eyeliner (I’m sure you know the drill…).

Nope. We no longer have to do this… “slave job”, metaphorically speaking of course. There’s the huuuge Internet. There are tens of thousands of people, millions maybe, interested in a product you want to sell. You just need to get to them.

Of course, most of us are on a low budget at the beginning, disoriented and we all have tons of question. But it’s not that hard to start blogging as it seems at the first glance.

Look at me, at this post.

I am writing it, it’s all unique and it’s about MLM. After I hit the “Publish” button, whithin hours, Google and all the other search engines will index this post and since I have solid SEO knowledge, I wrote in a specific style, used some keywords, an image and so forth. After a while people looking for “multi-level marketing” will read this article as well and they’ll eventually click on some product i want to sell. It’s all passive. All I did was to write this article.

Anyway, let’s get back to the blogging part.

What you need to get started?

  • A domain name: I suggest you to buy a solid old domain name which already has some backlinks and reputation. Later on you’ll see that search engines will rank you higher.
  • A reliable web hosting account: make sure you have MySQL enabled
  • WordPress inastallation: this is free, fortunately

These are the basics. As time will pass, you’ll need some sort of marketing as well. However, writing unique and valuable content is considered enough.

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