Vintage Furniture Types

KL-30Vintage furniture is the furniture which accurately represents or/and comes from a specific/certain time period. Vintage-furniture may come from past time periods, like the 1700s or even the 1960s. The classifications of vintage furniture is usually based on symmetry, ornamentation, the type of materials used and the style of the legs, the feet and the backs. Styles of vintage furniture can include:


Rococo style basically originated in pre revolutionary France & it’s usually associated with Louis-XV. The Rococo style is not as concerned with the symmetry like other furniture styles, it favors a graceful eccentricity. This furniture style is usually fanciful and has heavily ornamented pieces which feature many curves & gold and silver-accents.


Chippendale style draws its’ name from 18th century cabinet-maker called Thomas Chippendale. The Chippendale pieces normally feature graceful lines, ball and claw feet, cabriole legs & large decorative pediments. Chippendale style has French, Gothic and Asian elements; American-Chippendale is highly derivative-of Queen Anne’s style. Wing chairs & camel back sofas are common Chippendale pieces.


Victorian style is referential, which favors updated elements-of past furniture styles like the Rococo and Federal styles. Victorian dining-chairs have open-rounded backs which have curved legs. Victorian style also has a Gothic quality, & pieces are usually heavy, ornately carved & constructed from darkwoods. Victorian furniture style persists in popularity, since it was the very 1st furniture-style to be mass produced.


Federal style, which is also known as American-Empire, is popular because of its’ highly contrasting wood-inlays, straight lines & light construction. Duncan-Phyfe, a cabinet maker who is associated with the Federal style, often used lyre motifs & X shaped supports. The Federal furniture style tends to look a lot more delicate than most other vintage furniture styles. Federal dining-chairs have straight, thin and tapered legs.


Mission style, also-known-as arts & crafts, originated in the late 19th & early 20th century in America, some what as response to perceived excesses of Victorian style. The early Mission furniture style was sturdy, reliable & hand crafted; this vintage furniture style was seen as rejection of the mass production. Mission vintage furniture style is symmetrical & simple in its construction. Flat panels, horizontal and vertical lines & visible construction are the hallmarks of the Mission style.

Mid Century Modern

Mid century modern furniture style was mainly influenced by the then popular 1950s Scandinavian-furniture. Mid century modern features clean, symmetrical design styles hall marked by bold colors, clean lines & inorganic materials like steel and plastics, although at times teak, pine and mahogany are used. Mid century modern furniture normally tends to be lower to the ground, and it has short and thin legs.

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