Wake Up Call: Coffee Shop Design Ideas to Set Your Business Apart


COFFEESHOPCoffee shops often look surprisingly the same. The coffee counter is invariably flanked by a help-yourself-bar with cream and sugar as well as cases filled with coffee-related merchandise. If you are planning to launch a new coffee shop, however, why not design some extraordinary, a shop that is sure to stand out from the crowd. When you’re hoping to attract throngs of coffee lovers, it pays to invest in an outstanding design.

Botanical Roots

Coffee comes from some extraordinary geographic realms that you can infuse into your interior design. When shopping at sites like TableLegsOnline.com, you can search for table bases that rely on rustic or natural materials that are indicative of places like Costa Rica, Ethiopia, or Indonesia where much of the world’s best coffee comes from. Using natural decorative elements can help you emphasize the great quality of your coffee.

European Decadence

For design inspiration, consider the coffee houses of yesteryear in cities like Vienna, Paris, or Budapest. These interiors featured rich woods, sumptuous seating, and perfect coffee. If you fancy the vintage-style coffee house décor, you’ll want to outfit your setting with bistro tables and wall prints that suggest that turn-of-the-century design aesthetic you’re hoping to convey. From vintage lighting fixtures to European pastries, you can offer your clientele that continental coffee experience that is sure to enchant them.

Neighborhood Hangout

While there are many coffee shops that provide that comforting hangout spot that the community loves, not all of them get the design right. For coffee shops that feature entertainment, there’s rarely a great stage to showcase performers. The furnishings might also tend toward the college-apartment type, a look that doesn’t scream “clean.” You can create a friendly hangout that is bright, airy, welcoming, and conducive multiple purposes. Business people might choose to meet there, university students might come to enjoy the free Wi-Fi and first-rate Kona, or commuters might simply pop in to get their coffee fix. Be sure your shop caters in some way to each demographic.

Eco-Friendly Coffee Shop Design

You can set your coffee shop apart from others by incorporating eco-friendly materials into its design and sustainable solutions into its operation. From bamboo flooring to recyclable cups, you can create a setting that people feel good about supporting. Be sure to market your shop as an eco-friendly business and tell your customers all the ways you are working to support the environment using your business.

Coffee Shop and Bar

The coffee bar is a popular solution in many European cities. On damp days, you can order a coffee with a shot of whiskey or brandy to keep out the cold. While you might serve more coffee in the mornings, you’ll be able to remain busy in the evenings by doling out great regional wines or after-dinner aperitifs. If a liquor license doesn’t prove too tough to obtain, a coffee shop / bar can be a highly popular venue.

Keep these ideas in mind as you craft your design plan. By taking time to get the design just right, you can achieve a look that is sure to attract customers.

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