Case Study: 4 Things ECommerce Businesses Can Learn From Etsy

Etsy is a well-known ecommerce platform where you can experience the purchase and sale of vintage or handmade products. According to the company’s new guidelines, it is important to know that factory fabricated items can be sold as well. These products can range from clothes, photography, art, food, jewelry, quilts, beauty products, toys and just to mention a few with strict rules that must be adhered to by all prospective sellers. In case you are trying to market vintage products on the Etsy, it is important for the item to have at least twenty years of age. Uniquely operating like a craft fair, this is a platform where each marketer has their own storefront and can list items for a small fee. The success of Etsy cannot be denied, and other businesses that aspire to be successful in the world of ecommerce would be wise to learn from their model.

Conducting Market Analysis

One great lesson to learn is performing professional market analysis. Businesses can always offer their potential clients frequently evolving trends. This will help potential visitors to adhere to the simple method of trading. Nevertheless conducting market analysis will also lead to successful stories for companies as required.

Businesses should be able to understand what they are marketing and how simple the selling process can be done to help prospective clients. Another way to conduct market analysis is by studying competitors and similar products. Businesses should be able to analyze the quality of products with respect to their pricing and as well as special offers.

Focusing On Building Your Business Brand

Etsy has several marketers selling different products in quantity and quality. Now standing out of the crowd will require building up your business brand. Businesses should seek to create a community where their prospective customers can have a blog and frequently contribute into it. This can be done by having a strong store name, and catchy logo displayed at every moment when clients come around. Even when carrying out advertisements and packaging, this store name and logo should be used. This will help to stand out of the crowd through building your brand quickly. This simply means that the brand visibility will be strongly established through the explained technique.

Working On Search Engine Optimization

One excellent strategy that has always made Etsy survive in the industry is by working on SEO. With a simple research on search engine optimization, a business can easily grow quickly and effectively. When the right keywords are used, it is possible for a business brand to be highly ranked on Google first page, search engines and other marketplaces.

Identifying shopper intent needs is a great idea in understanding the types of keywords to be used for marketing. This is exactly how the Etsy operates. For this reason, other companies can choose to learn this practice for quick results. Determining the search volume of a keyword will never steer you wrong. In case the volume is too high, placing it in platforms for better results will always be difficult. When a word phrase is obscure, it can as well be difficult to find on search engines. For this reason, there need to be a balance between niche and volume to overcome competition and still remain searchable.

Providing Great Customer Support Service

Finally, last but not least, another great thing to learn is that of focusing on providing exceptional customer support service. Having an excellent customer service model helps ensures that customers come back to the Esty for more products. Other businesses should bear this in mind when establishing their service model with their prospective clients.

Etsy may have taken the internet market by storm with its unique way of doing business, but the above aspects mentioned can be applied to any other business. This will go a long way to replicating some of the success.

The writer, Edrick Hypolite, is an aspiring ecommerce entrepreneur who us using successful companies as case studies before he makes the investments. For handling his checkout process he plans to contract out the complicated endeavor to a high-quality platform like the one found at You can learn more about Edrick by visiting Google+.

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