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If you are working in the NYC construction industry, you are most likely aware of Local Law 196 requiring builders and supervisors to complete a specified number of training courses to get a SST card. Able Safety Consulting, as a training provider, is mindful of the amount of time that builders in construction must put aside to complete the required training courses and how difficult this could be to the average worker. As there is no way to avoid the training itself, Able Safety Consulting made SST online courses more convenient.

Able Safety has started rolling out proctored SST online training courses. With few to none of the required training courses currently being offered online, we are sure that workers will welcome the opportunity to save time and complete these SST training courses entirely online at their convenience. Our Site Safety online courses are available on all platforms including desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Able Safety Consulting has gone to great lengths to ensure our learning management system is compliant with the New York City Department of Buildings regulations. Through the use of a biometric authentication system (IDABLE), workers will use a mix of facial recognition, emotion detection, and voice recognition to verify their identity throughout the training course.

SST courses available online

Currently, there are four SST online courses available online with more courses planned to be released in the coming weeks.

  • 1 Hour Electrocution Prevention
  • 1 Hour First Aid And CPR
  • 1 Hour Ergonomics
  • 1 Hour Excavations

These SST online classes will satisfy the requirement for specialized and general electives needed to in obtaining a Supervisor SST card.

How To Start?

If you are ready to start, you can visit Able Safety’s SST online training courses page.

What to expect

After you peak up SST online course, that you are interested in, you can simply click on the registration button and start the registration process. You will be required to create an account in order to take a course. If you already have an account you can click the login link, if not, complete the registration by filling up your email address and creating a password for your account. After you filled out the necessary information click the box marked ‘I agree to the terms of service’. Then submit the form. Next, you will be asked for some basic personal information. Once you have completed this section, click continue. Next you will be asked to upload the photo. I can either take a photo using your webcam or upload a photo from your computer. Or you can temporary skip this step. The course will now be in your cart and you can click checkout. After you start a checkout process, you will be required to choose your payment method. You can pay either using PayPal, or by credit or debit card. Next, enter your billing information. After filling out all the required billing information, go ahead and click next. Confirm your order by making sure all of your billing information is correct before continuing. Click place order to complete the order. Click return to courses to go to your student dashboard. From here you can begin a course by clicking start course button.

Biometric Authentication

After starting the course, you will be prompted to verify your identity by using IDABLE. First you will be required to enroll your face and voice for future verification. When prompted, click on start biometric authentication button. Be prepared to take a picture when the camera turns on. Next you will enroll your voice. Repeat the displayed phrase once the countdown starts and repeat until the enrollment is successfully complete. Now that your biometrics are enrolled, you will periodically be asked to verify your identity throughout the course. After completing this section you will also be required to verify your voice. Once verified you can continue on to the course.

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