4 Tips For Job Search If You Were Born in Generation Z

If you were born between the years of 1996 and 2010, you were born in Generation Z. These have been some of the most transformative years in history, especially in regards to technology. Those who belong to Generation Z knew how to use devices like a computer and cell phone before they were in school. A world without internet is unimaginable to them. Everything they desire is at their fingertips. Now, those born in Generation Z are entering the workforce, but those hiring them and checking their job background come from what seems like a completely different world. Most hiring managers were in their twenties before the internet came out and are still learning how to use it in its entirety. Meanwhile, those born in Generation Z grew up with the internet and are able to keep up with its rapidly changing nature with ease. If you were born in Generation Z and are entering the workforce, it can seem intimidating. However, here are the top four tips for a successful job search:

Keep up

The people aren’t the only thing that change with the generations- the workforce changes, too. In 2018, fewer and fewer people are still holding 9-5 office jobs. Many individuals, particularly those in Generation Z, are seeking unconventional types of jobs, like freelancing or working from home. However, the problem is that hiring managers expect those from Generation Z to be keeping up with all of the latest trends. They expect them to think outside of the box, adapt well to the rapidly changing work environment and be on top of all of the latest technological advancements. If you were born in Generation Z and are currently looking for a job, one of the most important things to remember is to keep up!

Think ahead

With how quickly the workplace and the nature of available jobs are shifting, it’s important for Gen Z-ers to think ahead into the future. Statistics show that in the next two decades, 40% of jobs will be completed with artificial intelligence systems rather than physical human labor. If you are unable to learn ahead of time about future career opportunities, you’ll be unprepared when the time comes. Don’t shy away from applying to “unconventional” jobs during your job search- for all you know, they will become the “traditional” jobs in a few days. If you can’t prepare yourself for careers of the future, companies will believe you to adapt too slowly and won’t want you as part of their company.

Prioritize your life

Our parents and grandparents may tell us stories of how much they had to sacrifice in their personal lives just to keep a job. Maybe they have to take public transportation hours in the dark to get to work on time. Or maybe they had to work weekends and nights for the first few years of their employment. Whatever the details may be, the culture 20+ years back was to prioritize your career and deal with the rest later. However, Generation Z did not grow up with this mentality. In recent years, the nature of jobs has been shifting to meet with the needs of people and not the other way around. If you’re looking for a job as a Gen Z-er, make sure that your career can work around your life and not vice versa. Don’t pick a job that you would need to drive hours to or that you hate.There are too many options available nowadays for you to settle.

Use the internet appropriately

Those born in Generation Z were raised with the internet. There are many benefits to this, such as the ability to adapt quickly to changing technology. However, those born in Generation Z need to also beware of the internet. Their Generation has normalized the concept of sharing every aspect of their private life’s on social media, whether it’s on Facebook or Snapchat. If you are looking for a job, be sure to use the internet appropriately. Privatize your social media accounts and monitor your posts. You want to be able to use your internet expertise as a way to advance in your career, rather than allow it to hinder you from getting a job at all.

Members of Generation Z are now hitting the job market and, if they follow these tips, will be able to land the job of their dreams with ease. As a Gen Z-er, Keep up with the latest trends, think ahead, prioritize your life and use the internet appropriately and you should have no worries about your job search.

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