The Best Specializations for Doctors

rewgwtrgWhen you set out to become a doctor, it’s always best to have an end goal in mind, as no two doctors are the same. Most doctors choose to specialize in a specific field. It can be hard knowing which field to specialize in, especially as different specializations have different earning potential, and different needs. I have listed below, the 10 best earning and most in demand specializations for doctors in this country.

Salaries are approximations.

10. General Surgery – $336,000

You probably all expected a surgeon to be on this list as it’s the one most people think is the highest earning role and whilst a surgeon is a top this list, it’s a specific field, whereas a general surgeon deals with the majority of surgeries and needs to be an expert due to the very dangerous nature of the work.

9. Pulmonology – $351,000

Unless you’ve needed the services of a Pulmonologist, you’d be forgiven for not really having any idea of what they do. They can be summed up very simply as ‘lung doctor’ and so are very important, especially considering the amount of lung based diseases due to smoking and pollution.

8. Radiology – $368,000

A radiologist is a very smart human, even by normal doctor’s standards and I’m surprised to not find them higher up on this list. A radiologist will use a whole host of devices and practices to diagnose and treat illness, particularly cancer. They rely on x-ray radiography, ultrasounds, nuclear medicine, MRI, and so much more in their fight against illnesses.

7. Dermatology – $371,000

Despite all the jokes in Scrubs that they’re not real doctors, dermatologists help a lot of people whenever they have skin related issues, be it cosmetic or more serious; as in the case with deadly rashes.

6. Oncology/Hematology – $396,000

Usually lumped together, these two specializations will be visited by many people suffering from cancer. Oncologists deal with tumors and hematologists deal with blood. A hematologist is one of the most important roles within a hospital.

5. Urology – $424,000

We’re American, so if our problems aren’t food based, they’ll probably be toilet based, which explains why 5 on the list is Urologist. A Urologist makes sure our urinary tracts are working okay, because you definitely don’t want them to start failing.

4. Gastroenterology – $441,000

Americans like to eat and there’s nothing wrong with our penchant for cheese burgers and pizzas, but it does mean we encounter quite a few stomach and intestinal troubles, meaning a lot of us need to see gastroenterologists every so often.

3. Non-Invasive Cardiology – $447,000

We humans are famous for not taking good care of our hearts, and so it’s no surprise that doctors specializing in non-invasive cardiology are one of the most well-paid and in-demand roles within a hospital.

2. Invasive Cardiology – $461,000

Building on the previous entry, it’s no surprise that heart surgeons are the second highest paid and in-demand doctors in our healthcare system.

1. Orthopedic Surgery – $465,000

So it would turn out that orthopedic surgeons are thehighest paid, most in-demand roles in hospitals. These surgeons attend to any issues relating to the musculoskeletal system.

Even if you’re not specialized in these roles, you can always enhance your earning potential with a Master’s in Public Health online and any doctor is very well paid when you compare them to other job roles in society. Just know that whatever you specialize in you’re helping thousands of people live longer, more fulfilling lives.

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