6 Ways to Keep Your Bank Balance in Check

USDIf you could do with some more cash to rub together, saving money is an art that you’ll be pleased to hear not many people find easy. This article will outline some simple steps that you or those close to you can take that should leave you with some extra dough on the table.

  • Make shopping lists

Before going shopping, instead of saying to yourself, ‘I’ll buy whatever it looks like I need’, write a list before you leave and stick to it. Whether you’re shopping for food, clothes, or toiletries, every time you go shopping you are just one silly or unnecessary purchase away from having spent too much.

  • Go to the market

No one can blame you for doing your shopping mostly in chain stores and supermarkets, as the vast majority of the country do. However, some of the countries markets are still thriving and a quick trip down to your local one may lead to some pleasant surprises. Not only is it usually cheaper at market stalls, but the food often takes better and is actually fresher and healthier. This article from the Guardian discusses the future of London’s famous Billingsgate fish market.

  • Consider investing

I want to put emphasis on the ‘consider’ part of this tip, as playing the stock market always has its risks. Without a decent knowledge or experience I would recommend services like Nutmeg who invest your stocks and shares ISAs so you don’t have to commit the time or effort.

  • Reduce your energy bill

Not only will this mean you have less of a negative impact on the planet by ‘going green’, you should also save a significant amount of money. A few simple tasks can save you energy and therefore money; for example switching the TV (and other electrical items) off at the socket instead of putting it on standby, and not leaving lights on in parts of the house you’re not presently in. Websites like Money Supermarket can help you save hundreds of pounds every year.

  • Make your own things

During times of financial hardship, we can become an extremely creative species. Why should you be any different? A lack of money to buy things naturally leads us to making our own, if we are so inclined. Some basic examples are making your own bread, cooking all your own meals, and knitting scarves for the winter months.

  • Don’t spend money to in an attempt to lessen stress

After getting paid a decent amount of money that may go some way to relieving your financial problems, you must resist the temptation of spending a chunk of it celebrating your newfound wealth. Nobody can blame you for wanting to accept the invitation to go partying with some friends, but if the chances of you waking up the next morning £80 poorer with your most expensive shirt completely destroyed then maybe you should decline. Bear in mind that when your finances are properly in order, there will be plenty of time for a couple of great nights on the town!

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