How to Avoid Investment Trading Scams

2015-02-13_9-22-13Anyone who wants to start making money through trading will be interested in finding a broker for their trades. There are plenty available to choose from, however unfortunately there are many systems and brokers in the trading industry who are more interested in scamming you out of your money than helping you earn it. So, how do you separate the legitimate brokers and trading systems from the con artists? If you’re just starting out looking for a broker in any kind of trading, this is what you need to keep your eye out for.

Do the Research

Investing your money is no small matter, and when you look for a trading broker you need to put as much careful thought and consideration into it as you would if you were choosing a bank. Don’t just go with the first broker that you find – compile a list of a few which you think look legitimate, and do careful research on them. Look to ensure that they are registered and also have legitimate good reviews from other traders online. If you are planning Binary Options Trading, check out Brokers Scam for a list of known scam sites to avoid.

Check for Trial Periods

A broker who’s out to scam you won’t usually offer trial periods, practice accounts, or make much effort when it comes to customer satisfaction. When searching for a broker or investment trading system, you should opt for the ones which offer free trials so that you can get a no-obligation experience before you begin to invest any money. Often, using any free trial service offered can help you to get a good feel of the site – if something feels ‘off’, don’t commit.

Avoid Hard Selling

A big red flag when looking for an investment trade broker is if you feel you are being pushed into investing a large sum of money upfront. In any type of trading, it’s advised to begin with a small amount in order to practice and gain experience – and legitimate brokers will understand this. If you feel that the resources you receive or the customer care staff you speak to seem more interesting in getting your money rather than helping you to invest, it may be wise to look elsewhere.

Ask for Documentation

You should never make an investment without first seeing the bond, stock or other relevant paperwork. You should make sure that you receive and keep any paperwork regarding any investment trades. If you want to be extra cautious, have an expert double check the paperwork, as in some cases it can be forged, or an investor could try to sell you a trade which is unsanctioned. Along with documentation for the trade, you should also see proof of the broker’s registration with financial authorities and regulatory bodies.

Investing and trading is an excellent way to earn an income. If you know what to look for and are knowledgeable about the right precautions to take, you can avoid being scammed out of any money.

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