An Affordable Option to a Financial Jam

saving-moneyHaving a tough time with personal finance? No problem if you have the right people to help you!

My friend lives in Miami, Florida. She works hard to provide a safe home with all the necessities for her two young daughters, however, sometimes life happens, and she found herself short one month on the bills.  Her finances were stretched just a little too thin. She needed an affordable solution that did not penalize her for less than perfect credit.

A quick and affordable solution

Her rent was late and with small children she had to find a solution fast! She was frantic–until she learned about Rapid Auto Title Loans.  My friend was able to work with their exceptional customer support staff to get the money she needed right away.  This company provided my friend with a quick solution to her personal finance problems.

My friend was understandably worried and a little reluctant at first.  Everyone hears about those “other places” and she did not want to end up losing her car!  However, Rapid Auto Title Loans has a nearly 5-star rating by its customers.  The vast majority of their customers are completely satisfied with their experience here and most customers highly recommend this option to friends and family.

She was able to apply online and was approved the same day.  She simply went to  The website was very easy to read and easy to use.  She completed the form with some basic information to begin the process, which took hardly any time at all.  When she had a question, she spoke to the kind and courteous customer support staff who were able to assist her.  She found the experience to be much easier than she had expected, and she was excited to have found a quick solution to her financial situation.

Credit is no issue

My friend was concerned that her credit might be an issue.  Her credit was not bad, but it was not great, either.  However, this was no problem and she was able to finance her loan at a low interest rate.  Interest rates are approved by the state of Florida, so my friend felt comfortable knowing that she was getting a fair offer.

There are no pre-payment penalties, so my friend was able to pay the loan off early without any penalties or fees.  She was only required to pay interest during the time that the loan was outstanding, so if cash was a little short she did not have to make a huge payment. My friend was able to finance her loan quickly AND she got to keep her car!

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