The World of Health Care Venture Capital


There have been some amazing innovations and developments in recent years that have transformed the healthcare sector in a number of positive way and that is a fundamental reason why health-related startups are attracting the attention of venture capitalists.

Demographics have played their part in fueling growth in the number of healthcare startups, as there is an aging population of baby-boomers who will require plenty of looking after in the coming years.

This infographic takes a detailed look at the investment numbers and where the cash is being spent, and the figures are certainly positive proof that money is being speculated in ever-increasing volumes as billions of dollars are being wagered on finding medical solutions and innovations that may become mainstream treatment options.

It is also interesting to note that changes in health care legislation have made the area of health insurance attractive to venture capitalists and the amount of investment money raised in this area rose by 250% in just one year between 2013 and 2014.

Everywhere you look in the healthcare sector, money seems to be pouring in and biopharmaceuticals deserve a particular mention, as biotech is attracting well over half of all the cash being speculated.

Technology has become much more affordable as our knowledge improves and we can expect to see plenty of innovations and facilities being put to good use when we are in need of medical attention in the future.


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