Why Technology Is Vital to the Survival of Your Business

uhlHave you ever stopped to wonder exactly what elements of your business are vital to its survival? While you could say that your team is critical and that top performing managers are critical, there is another member of your team that you probably never thought about!

In recent years a new member has probably joined the team, making it more productive than anyone could ever have imagined. That member? Technology. Just take a look at a few of the ways in which technology has impacted your business and you will quickly see just how vital it is to your survival.

Onboarding and Training

In years gone by, the processes of onboarding new staff and training employees fell heavily on the HR department. A great deal of manpower hours were spent working with new recruits at orientation and providing training seminars in the beginning and periodically throughout their tenure at the company. While those duties still fall to HR, technology has changed the way this is accomplished.

Now employees can advance in online courses such as the Lean Six Sigma certification offered on the 6 Sigma website. From White Belt certification in the very beginning all the way up through Master Black Belt certification, HR is no longer solely responsible for vocational on-the-job training. Online courses can be paid for or subsidized by the company and employees can advance through the ranks without even leaving their offices.

Hi Tech Communications

Another way in which technology is vital to the survival of a business is in the area of communications. It is no longer necessary to take time off to attend meetings and seminars when video conferencing is readily available with just the use of computers and teleconferencing software. Whether ‘meeting’ with clients, peers or members of your own team, no one needs to leave the office. Not only is this a way to save time, it is also a cost effective way to attend important meetings. Just a few short years ago a great deal of travel time was wasted, costing the company a large amount of money.


Some industries are surviving due to the cost-effectiveness of automated processes. In manufacturing, automation with CNC controllers has proven to be one of the most effective ways to ensure that production stays on target and that quality will always be up to specific standards. Software operates a production line and unless there is a power outage, there is no need to oversee the line every moment of every hour. Machines do the work, software controls the quality and quantity and humans then can be left to inspect throughout the day, leaving them free to see to other duties.

These are just three of the innovations in technology that are vital to the survival of your business. Although it has become cliché, the best advice you can be given is to ‘get with the times.’ Let technology help you survive in a highly competitive world. Keep your prices low and your quality high. That’s a formula for success and one that is really only possible with technology.

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