How to Safeguard Your Photograph Business’s Assets

Rain-Coffee-Photography-Water-Drops-Macro-Seeds-DewIf you have your own photography business, you have a lot of expensive assets that you need to safeguard so that you do not go out of business in the event of a disaster of any kind that could potentially destroy those assets. From the equipment that you use to take your incredible photos, to the photos themselves, continue reading for a few tips to help you properly secure all of your business’s assets.

Invest in Photo Recovery Software

Hard drives fail, as do memory cards. And when that happens, you could lose all of your digital files, which would be devastating. And while it may seem like there is nothing that you can do if your files ever become corrupted or your hardware fails, the truth is there is camera photo recovery software that you can, and should, invest in. This will allow you to recover what would otherwise be lost files so that you can still have all of the hard work that you have completed throughout the years.

Insure Your Assets

You can find insurance companies that provide coverage specifically for photographers so that you can protect your assets in the event of a natural disaster, fire, theft, etc. Your studio is filled with expensive gear that you have acquired over the years, and without this gear, you wouldn’t be able to do business, so this is one of the most important ways that you can properly safeguard your assets and ensure that you will be covered in case anything bad happens to them.

Protect Your Photos from Theft

There are many people out there who would not think twice about stealing someone else’s photos online, so if you plan on posting your photos online, you need to take steps to deter these thieves. You can, for example, disable right-click so people can’t easily save your images. You can tile the image so if it’s dragged or right-clicked, the thief will only get a part of it rather than the whole. And you can add your watermark or you can add a transparent CSS background image to the foreground so that when people right-click to save it, they’ll get the background image instead of the actual image they think that they’re getting.

Keep Enough Money in Your Bank Account

To ensure you can make repairs and upgrades to your gear whenever necessary, it’s also a good idea to have a good amount of money in your business’s checking account at all times. Make sure that you monitor your bank account’s activity regularly to check for theft or activity that isn’t your own. In this way, you can take action right away before someone starts using your account for their own needs.

With so many easy ways to safeguard the assets in your photography business, from your photos to your gear, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be investing in the proper products and insurance coverage, as well as incorporating the right techniques, to ensure your business’s assets will be protected at all times.

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