How to Use Technology to Boost Staff Productivity

One of the biggest challenges to a productive workflow in any organization is ensuring a collaborative and cooperative working environment that is shared by the entire team. With an incoherent team, it becomes increasingly challenging to generate the levels of productivity, communication, sufficient standard of work, and engagement that are integral to successful revenue generation.

One of the ways companies can positively influence productivity is by integrating various types of technology. Everything from software, apps, and artificial intelligence can play a part in boosting productivity, and with that in mind, this article explores a few key ways that technology can have a positive impact on productivity in your business.

Encouraging a team environment regardless of distance

Studies have shown that even smaller teams of 100 employees can incur losses over $420k because of poor communication issues. Investing in software to support improved communication is a benefit to almost any firm that relies on cooperative, communicative employees to retain smooth, everyday operations. There is no shortage of software options and apps for nearly all devices with pricing structures to suit most team sizes. Everything from simple WhatsApp groups to more scalable, professional solutions such as Slack can make all the difference to communication and, therefore, productivity.

Don’t neglect your employee experience

Make sure that all members of your team are happy, understand their roles, and are fully engaged with the culture of your company by bringing your employee engagement surveys online. Being able to track employee engagement in real-time, over time, will give you actionable evidence that will enable you to support your staff. Platforms such as are leading the way when it comes to using technology to boost productivity.

Embrace the cloud to keep project and task management on point

There’s nothing more frustrating than keeping a client waiting, missing a deadline, or putting an entire project on a temporary hiatus simply because a critical document or file has mysteriously disappeared with no trace, and nobody is prepared to take responsibility. This isn’t the only hiccup that can impede your project workflow. Everything from Internet outages to hardware failures can leave our projects impaired at a moment’s notice. Preventative maintenance is the key, and cloud-based project management software like Asana or Basecamp can help you to organize your files and ensure they are safely synced and available for everybody who requires access.

Time is precious, use tech to track it

Understanding how the workday pans out for you and your team will give you a real edge when it comes to boosting productivity. Figuring out when you are most productive, where time leaks out via various distractions and how well time is being spent is a giant leap towards improving your daily timetable. Efficiency and productivity can be amplified with the kind of data you can glean from time tracking software platforms such as Toggl.

You do not have to go it alone; there are a plethora of ways in which technology can help you boost productivity for your business.

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