Solutions For Dog Waste Management For Municipalities, City And State Managers

pet wastePet waste management has become a centre issue to any municipality or city or state managers. With an increasing trend of having pets, the pet waste management is becoming harder. As per the recent studies, pet waste is one of the major components that cause water pollution and soil pollution.

With the increasing threat of diseases that it can cause to both pet and humans, it is something that the public will be concerned and that the management must take care of.

On the other hand, dog waste clean ups is one of the most common complaints by the public and a challenge for the public managers to tackle. To balance the budget constraints for clean ups and handle the complaints is one of the important challenges today. In such situation, Pet Waste Stations is one of the most economical and efficient solution.

Plan a Pet Waste Station

If you are a local agency or an independent worker, then below is a plan to help you help your state/municipality by installing pet waste stations.

  • You can seek partnership with your town or water shed organizations to help you with publicity or other project needs.
  • Get permission from local authorities to install pet waste stations on state properties.
  • Get quotes from many vendors and choose a vendor to supply your waste stations.
  • Since costs are high, you can collaborate with other organizations such as INGOs or nature workers to cover the cost.
  • Advertise your pet waste station to educate residents about it and its uses.
  • Recruit volunteers to manage the station.
  • Recruit volunteers to collect data about the usage of the station.
  • Using the data collected, use it to forecast what percent of pollutants can be removed through the use of pet waste stations.

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Installing pet waste stations is not only economical, but also very efficient. Though it may sound very expensive in the beginning, in the long run, these pet waste stations tend to be a cheaper way of handling the pet wastes. Once installed, a very minimal amount of maintenance is required. But, remember, there are many options to choose from. Using the best combination of options will not only save your money, but also help make it efficient.

First of all, always opt for a bio degradable poop bag. It is almost the same as plastic poop bags, but with a huge benefit in controlling pollution. Remember to choose a pet station that is made of heavy duty metal that lasts longer. Make sure you plan ahead on the station locations and signs. Your goal should be to make it easier for residents to clean up after their pets.

Lastly, the most important of all, you need to make sure that the pet waste station ordinance is adopted by all in your location. Until and unless, the regulation is followed by all, there is no efficiency to the steps you have taken. So, make public officials draft ordinance or regulations for your location and also publicize the station to educate residents about it

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