Top Tips on Becoming a Successful Negotiator

ewdwqAs life will teach, reaching an agreement is not always easy. To enhance the chances of securing a deal and being successful a specific set of skills and strategies need to be followed. More so in the business industry, it’s likely that during your life you will have to demonstrate negotiation skills in order to secure a big deal or win over a client. Negotiating is a way of coming to a compromise between two parties, and the key skills can be learnt through expert negotiation training and courses. Below are a few top tips on becoming a successful negotiation.

Be precise and to the point

When negotiating, it is key not to waffle. Points need to be put across in a precise and concise manner and waffling can make your negotiation look weak and present holes in your argument and deal.  It is often true that the one who does the less talking and more listening during the negotiating process is often the one who is successful and wins the deal.  Ensure that beforehand you have prepared well and planned out key points so that you can dive straight into the negotiation and don not end up talking unnecessarily and steering off topic, giving the upper hand to the opposing party.

Prepare and research

As previously mentioned, it is important that before entering a deal you are well prepared and have done extensive research. Knowing the key facts of with whom, what and why you are negotiating is vital. Attending a meeting or going into a deal without having properly and thoroughly researched the surrounding terms, conditions and dependencies, you will look underprepared and the other party will be more likely to undermine you in the argument. It also means that you will not have the opportunity to spot flaws in the other negotiator’s thinking and points as you will not have prepared, therefore have no ammunition to counter-argue their points.

Learn from the experts

In any negotiation there is always a balance of power. This is something that will be taught to you if undertaking specialised negotiation training courses from experts in the field such as The Gap Partnership.  With expert guidance and the right training, an individual has the ability to develop expert knowledge and influence in a particular area, which can be fundamental to certain types of negotiation and a highly valued skill. Often, expert knowledge and influence is seen as more significant and influential than holding a top position in a job.  In international negotiations, governments have realised the importance of sending professional negotiators or individuals with special qualities to negotiate on their behalf, showing how important it is to possess such skills in the corporate industry.

Be open-minded

In negotiation, the first offer or compromise acts as a base and starting ground. It allows you to begin the negotiation process. Therefore, be prepared and go in with the right attitude and open mind, and is it important to not dismiss offers but rather be open and evaluate the situation and deals wholly before making up your mind and deciding what will benefit you the most. This is for the reason that often, the first proposal is automatically overlooked and dismissed based on the assumption that there will be a better proposition coming. However this is not always the case, so it’s important to consider all offers when negotiating and securing a deal.

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