Ways to Keep Your Stress Levels Low at Work

stress-curveIt’s normal for everyone to feel stressed during certain times and situations, but if you don’t keep your stress levels in check it can quickly become overwhelming. When it comes to the workplace, being stressed out all the time can be a hindrance to your career and easily begin to take over your working day and become disruptive to your productivity. This can then have a knock on effect, causing you to experience issues at work which in turn lead to even more stress.

In order to prevent this, it’s essential to take preventative steps in order to keep your stress levels low at work.


Being organised and sticking to a schedule can be beneficial to keeping your stress levels at work low. If you find yourself constantly rushing around and working in a disorganised manner, this can contribute to low productivity and make it more difficult to complete tasks at work. Simple things such as having a neat and tidy office area with everything in its place can help things run more smoothly for you. Often it’s the little things that stress us out at work – such as not being able to find a vital piece of equipment – so organisation is key.

A very neat task list tool is todo.is, it’ll help you keep track of the tasks you have to complete each day.

Find the Cause

Finding the root cause of your workplace stress is crucial if you want to fully overcome it. Sit down and really think about all the things at work that stress you out, even the small and seemingly insignificant things. If it helps, you could try listing each stress factor in order from the most stressful to the least. Be completely honest with yourself – there is no need to show anybody this list, unless you’re planning to visit a therapist and think that it would be helpful. Knowing the different things that trigger your stress will make it easier for you to fix the issue at the root.

For example, if you realise that you’re always feeling stressed at work because your car is parked in an unsecured area or you have to race into the office each day to grab one of the few available spaces, then you could deal with this by looking for a parking spot on yourparkingspace.co.uk. There was an interesting piece of research by the AA earlier in the year revealing that 15% of employees turn up more than an hour before their contracted start time in order to ensure that they can get a parking space.

Talk to Somebody

If you feel like you are constantly stressed at work, ignoring the issue won’t go away. Often, the best thing to do is talk to somebody about how you are feeling, even if it’s somebody outside of the workplace. Many employees will visit a therapist when suffering from stress, as a professional therapist will be able to assist with different coping mechanisms and suggest practical ideas for reducing stress. Alternatively, you could speak with your line manager about your situation and request an occupational health assessment. Many managerial staff are sympathetic towards those suffering from stress, and it’s also a wise idea to make them aware so that they can be more lenient regarding less productive work. Getting your manager on your side can also help to reduce your stress, as there is less worry about how they will react.

For more information about beating workplace stress you can visit NHS.uk.

How do you deal with workplace stress? Let us know in the comments.

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