Get Your Message Across with Outdoor LED Signs [Infographic]

In the days before advertising, the main way people had to exchange information was word of mouth. Today, there are numerous ways for businesses and others to get their messages out to the public. One type of communication device is an electronic message board. They are capable of displaying several messages. The boards are also able to use all types of formats and fonts to fit every need. Rather than the older signs that used letters that were constantly getting broken or falling off the board and blowing away, the electronic signs can be changed remotely.

What Types of Businesses Use the Signs?

The signs are manufactured to be used outdoors so the weather does not affect them. They are used for all types of businesses from schools to retail and convenience stores, banks, malls, and grocery stores. The signs can relay information or they can be used for advertising. They have been proven to increase business. This is likely because they catch people’s attention more so than the older signs.

In addition, using the signs in areas where there is high traffic or in highly-visible locations helps by relaying information to a large number of people. Since the signs have the capability of storing information to be displayed at different times of the day, the information can be changed to target specific audiences.

The Signs Can Display Graphics

Another beneficial aspect of the electronic signs is that they are capable of displaying graphics. This is definitely an advantage for businesses. The signs can be programmed to display information continuously. They can automatically change to a different message, and the software that allows users to program them is simple to use. Because the signs use LED lighting, they can be seen even on the sunniest days. An example of a company offering led outdoor message boards is Casco Signs.

A Minimal Advertising Cost

Rather than spending money advertising in other ways that people may not see, an electronic sign strategically placed near your business is always visible. They will reach a far larger audience than other methods of advertising. One advantage they provide that typical advertising cannot is the ability to change them to promote specials in an instant, and it does not cost extra.

The signs are one of the easiest ways to build brand awareness for a number of businesses. Rather than spending a lot of money on television, newspaper, radio, or online advertising and paying each time the information changes, the signs can be easily changed in-store.


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