How personalized computer checks can spread your marketing message

frgqregqeIt’s an aspect of business that’s often overlooked, particularly by smaller companies or by self-employed contractors, but computer checks are an important tool in your marketing arsenal if you want to grow your businesses. For those of you looking to find ways to expand your outreach, then take a look at how computer checks can help spread your brand in your community.

Firstly, a computer check is much more useful than a business card or a flyer. How many times have we been handed a card by a possible client, only to shove it in a drawer or throw it in the trash? There’s no space for scraps of paper with no real use to them, particularly in today’s tech-driven offices. However, a computer check, which contains important financial records, is something that you’re much more likely to hold onto – in fact, you’re most likely obligated under the tax law. You can include your logo or brand’s color schemes, making your computer check more recognizable and memorable.

Secondly, using handwritten checks or generic computer checks sends a bad message to clients. It suggests that you haven’t taken the time or money to invest in your brand; that you’re not particularly concerned with being as efficient as you can, and that you’re reluctant to move into the 21st century. We’re living in a digital age, and so, businesses will have to take part sooner rather than later. Ignoring such technologies will only stunt your business’s growth and successes. You can no longer put off investing in technology and software.

Your brand image is one of the most important parts of your business, so make sure every aspect that involves client contact, such as an email signature, social media accounts, digital adverts and computer checks are professional, appropriate and cohesive. No one wants to look out of touch, particularly when you’re trying to encourage repeat business from a client. It is more cost effective to retain you customers through good practise rather than trying to acquire new ones.

Finally, providing essential information about your company close to hand encourages repeat business. No one remembers the name of every contractor they’ve ever hired, and for one-off jobs, like repairs, there’s no ‘next time’ to warrant writing down contact details. If you’re an electrician, for instance, a homeowner is likely to keep your check on file, and if they need electrical services again, then your details are much closer to hand than your competitors – they can just look at their old check to find your contact information. Clients will remember you and your service, and if you provided a positive experience, then chances are they’ll be willing to hire you again. Customers like to hire the same people; therefore, they will store your contact details for future use. It’s more time efficient for them to reuse them if your services have been of high-quality; rather than them find someone else.

Look into having your logo custom-printed on your computer checks, complete with contact information and a catchy slogan, so your business stays in a client’s mind. A check also may need to be signed off by accountants and managers, which means it gets passed further up the corporate chain. And when it’s time to file a tax return, your client will have to double-check that information, which will reintroduce them to your brand all over again – great exposure at no extra cost!

While the initial investment may seem beyond the reach of many small businesses, personalized computer checks are an effective way to further your own brand image, as you’re utilizing something that is necessary – a financial record – to your advantage rather than forcing an unwanted marketing product on a particular client.

With regards to your brand, it’s money well spent. Customer won’t throw your computer check away; instead, storing it for financial reasons and for later use. Implement this technique into your own business strategy and see the benefits yourself.

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