The Key Reasons Why Your Email Marketing Campaign is Failing

magazinum (5)The email is one of the oldest and most ignored tools of communication for both individuals and businesses. Many so-called marketing experts will tell you that the email is dead and there’s no point in investing money and resources in emailing campaigns. However, numbers and specialists say a different story. According to, the email is still alive and kicking and giving up such an effective tool could mean losing clients.

However, implementing an email campaign without understanding the entire process may also lead to losing clients. So, if you consider you put together a great email marketing campaign, but you still don’t see results, take a look below. We put together the most common mistakes that can transform your glorious campaign into a failure.

Unsolicited email

The starting point of a healthy email campaign is the accord of the people you are emailing. If you’re not absolutely sure that the people in your mailing list agreed to receive news and updates from you, then don’t include them.

Even though you feel your information is important and people should read it, spamming their inbox won’t bring you positive results. We live in an era where people despise unsolicited emails and they will mark it as spam without even giving it a second thought.

That’s why it’s better to make sure that people who leave their email addresses on your site or contact form understand why.

Your emails are not personalized

Knowledge is the most powerful tool when it comes to marketing, and knowing your clients’ preferences is the best of all. Each person is special and has different requests and expectations from you as a team and a business. So, even if you can’t address each person, in particular, you can create mailing lists based on groups of preferences. This will make your campaign more personal and people will feel connected to your brand.

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Do you know your audience?

If you’re at the beginning and struggle to create relationships with your current audience, the email campaign can be a fantastic tool. However, if you don’t invest a bit of money and resources in getting to know your audience, each campaign will be superficial and the results, unsatisfying.

It’s understandable to not want to spend too much money, but there are other ways to cut costs in your business. Now it’s not the time to be stingy with your marketing budget.

Show your human side

Many companies make the mistake of addressing their clients as an organization. Nowadays people like to see they are actually collaborating with humans who understand their needs and dissatisfactions. So, to make your mailing campaign more open and transparent, you can always include your staff in the marketing process.

You can either welcome someone new on the team, or you can simply include a short story about the entire team. Regardless of the method, your customers will have the chance to know the team better and see the people that are responsible.

Of course, there are many other aspects to consider when you’re not getting the results you expect from an email campaign. However, the ones discussed above should solve any communication problems you might be having with your customers.

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