What is video marketing? Tips for use in promoting your business

youtubeIn Internet more and more people using multimedia devices. Visual and multimedia content are becoming more important (over 40% of Internet traffic is consumed by watching videos) and online advertising increases each time more investment in creating online videos. You can use video tutorials and examples for product use, welcome your visitors to your site, and show the most important aspects of your business, offering opinions and customer testimonials, and a lot more applications. You just need a little imagination, because the tools and needed to take advantage of this technology for your company, technology is really simple, and are available to everyone.

We can list some of the advantages of the use of videos in marketing strategy:

  • Contribute to improving the SEO positioning. Google shows results as outstanding videos that have been uploaded to Youtube. If you upload your videos to Youtube and you optimize, you will have more chances of appearing on the first search results. People buy youtube views to make their video popular in social channel. It’s not a bad idea to boost their account initially by buying followers.
  • Increase traffic to your website. The videos you post on your channel on Youtube or Vimeo can direct traffic to your corporate website.
  • They help you differentiate yourself from the competition: uses video to show what makes you different, and take it out and count it so that captures the attention of your potential customers.
  • They help to capture the attention and arouse the interest of your visitors, making it easier for your visitors to your web last longer, and are more interested in other content.
  • Generate emotions, combining images, sound and movement facilitates transmitting and evoke feelings and emotions.
  • Facilitate virility: the videos are the content they see and more are shared on social networks. It is more likely that a user shares a video which presents one of your products to share a link to a page description.
  • They help promote transparency and confidence. Submit your business, your team or your company facilities through a video helps to generate more confidence in those who envisions simply a text or set of images.
  • You can be free if you learn to handle some simple video editing tool. Today mobile phones and digital cameras for everyday use are capable of recording high quality videos for publication on the Internet. Post on all major platforms (Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe, etc.) is also free.
  • People seeking specific information is displayed: Unlike the TV ads that show the video to anyone watching television at the time, video marketing will only be shown to people looking for information on a particular topic, and that therefore they have an interest in its contents.
  • There is no limit to the length of the video: really are more effective but short videos (2 to 3 minutes), there is a priori a limitation on what the video can last.
  • Possibility of interaction: platforms like Youtube allow a simple way to create interactive videos, which content that the user can watch your content on the order you want, based on their interests.

In short, the use of video as a tool for communication and marketing will help to send your message; your product and your brand reach a greater number of people and it’s a great choice. Also it is a different, original and economical way to communicate with your customers. It is not necessary that you have professional recording equipment and editing videos. Internet is full of examples of success stories of videos that have been recorded with a webcam, mobile phone, or a digital camera without high performance. The most important thing is the content that is you are able to reach people creating videos with information that will add value, interests you or amuse you.

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