How the Internet Changed Shopping Habits

COFFEESHOPThe internet has quickly become one of our most valuable shared resources, and advancements in technology means that we are able to connect with people on the other side of the world and engage with services and brands from around the globe. How has the internet changed our shopping habits, and what does the rapidly increasing preference for e-commerce mean for physical shops?

Online Supermarkets and Brands

The weekly shop is much less stressful than it used to as well as more affordable. Services like Ocado provide you with a single site that offers a huge range of products such as food and drink, and you can choose a delivery time and have your groceries delivered to your home.

Other services like Deliveroo and huge online shopping brands like Ebay and Amazon have given people a simple and effective way to get what they want and within good time. More often than not, these sites also provide excellent deals that enable customers to save money when it really matters.

Streaming Sites

The internet has even transformed the way that we engage with traditional media such as music, films and television. While it used to be that you’d need a television or a radio, you can get all of these forms of entertainment with a computer and an internet connection. Websites like Netflix and Spotify provide people with a broad library of movies, television programmes, albums and songs that can be easily accessed and enjoyed in one place, and the idea of ‘television’ is becoming increasingly obsolete in this age of the internet.


Online gaming has really taken off over the last decade, thanks in part to the improvements in graphics and coding. However, it’s the community aspect that really attracts people to online gaming platforms of all kinds. Role playing games like World of Warcraft allow players to join a huge community and make new friends while playing, and it’s not the only these sort of games that are thriving. Classic casino games from companies like Betway have successfully transitioned to the online world and are attracting more players than ever. Is it the case that betting sites are replacing high street stores? Offering convenience and great opportunities, it’s fair to say that the online casino is quickly becoming the preferred option for players.

The Future of Physical Shops

With online shopping for all products and services becoming more and more commonplace and transforming shopping habits, it could be argued that physical shops will soon be a thing of the past. While there is some truth to this, it’s unlikely that business stores and offices are likely to disappear from our high streets for good. Though the majority of people have an internet connection and may use it as a primary resource for information, there are still advantages to visiting physical shops that means their place in the future is secured. For example, a lot of older people are not completely conversant with the internet, and online shopping is not yet at a stage where you can receive same-day deliveries across the board, meaning that they are more likely to be reliant on actual, physical shops.

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