The Top Reasons Why an SUV is the Best Choice

If you haven’t yet heard, the sale of SUVs is skyrocketing – and it’s easy to see why. The SUV has experienced some substantial changes in recent years, and all brands have jumped on the bandwagon and made their own version of an SUV. But honestly, what’s not to like? SUVs are short for sports utility vehicles, and they have replaced the trusty sedan or mini-van as the vehicle of choice for many American families. So even if you’re single and want to get to and from work safely, an SUV is your best bet. But what makes SUVs special, and why should you seriously consider one as your next vehicle? Here are the top reasons why an SUV is the best choice.

What it is

First – what is it? While we all have an idea of what it is, the sports utility vehicle, or SUV, first entered the automotive market in the 70s and 80s – and the SUV as we know it was first introduced as the Jeep Cherokee. But, of course, there are many more models now, and they all have one thing in common – they are designed to have a higher height than your average car. The idea behind this is to give drivers a more complete and comprehensive view, and with its height, it can go through rugged, rocky terrain without scraping its underside.

But why are SUVs a more popular vehicle today? It is due to several reasons, which are outlined below:

  • It gives you a better height

It’s obvious – as mentioned, one distinguishing feature of an SUV is its height. Some people prefer to see the full view when they drive, and if you are one of those, an SUV is for you. In addition, when you are in an SUV, it’s easy to see any cracks or potholes on the road, and you can avoid them – which means that your vehicle will be in the best condition for a longer time. Aside from this, the greater height lets you easily see any parking spots – which is a big convenience all around!

  • The advantage of added space

Another advantage of an SUV is added space – not just in the interiors but in the trunk, too. If you like going on road trips or carrying a lot of heavy or bulky stuff around, then you could benefit from an SUV, as car specialists like attest. An SUV has ample space in the back, and storage space is a lot more than you would find in the back of any other vehicle, be it a sedan or otherwise. You can also easily create more space for storage if necessary by folding the seats – which isn’t the case with a sedan, hatchback, or other vehicles.

  • Benefit from more seating

Of course, it is well known that with an SUV, you have more seats. SUVs are perfect for large (or growing) families or large groups. SUVs may have the most extensive capacity for passengers around – think of the size of a Chevy Suburban, which has a capacity of up to nine individuals depending on the variant and configuration.

  • Better fuel efficiency

In the past, it can be said that SUVs were not the most fuel-efficient vehicles – but this is fast changing, especially among newer models. You will save more for each trip on your SUV as long as you keep your unit well-maintained.

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