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Among other things, entrepreneurs are usually very creative. More often than not, some entrepreneurs come up with international business ideas which hold so much potential within them. Unfortunately for most of these entrepreneurs, lack of capital sees their ideas remain just that; ideas.

Beating the hurdles

For most entrepreneurs, getting the capital to bring their international business ideas is usually the biggest hurdle. In many instances, this is usually the entrepreneur’s fault as there are reliable channels to access to funding. Here is how to go about looking for funding for your business ideas:

Come up with a comprehensive business plan

While your idea may seem pretty well figured out in your mind, it may harbor flaws which may not only impede its progress but halt it altogether. The best way to get a big and clear picture of your business idea is to put it down on paper.

The business plan should outline every factor relevant to your business idea in detail. These include things like a summary and description of the business idea, the products and/or services you intend to sell and how you intend to go about selling them.

Other factors like market analysis are crucial as they give a clearer picture of how the business would perform were it introduced to the market. You must also make sure to include financial plans and details showing accurate figures of the required capital and the potential profits to be made from the venture.

If well put together, the business plan should be a great guide through all the other processes.

Make your business idea known

Many entrepreneurs tend to hide their business ideas owing to the fear that they may be hijacked by other people with the means to implement them. While this is partly true, it is also important to note that there are many investors out there constantly looking for the next big breakthrough to jump aboard. As such, making your ideas known to the right people significantly increases your chances of getting funding from interested investors.

Looking for funding

With a well-planned idea, all that’s left is looking for the required funding. This is the tricky part, and many entrepreneurs with international business ideas tend to give up just after a few attempts.
If however your business idea is viable, you will definitely stand a better chance of getting funding from any of the common sources. These include the following:


  1. Well to do family members.
  2. Banks and other financial institutions.
  3. Interested partners.

Global Business Pitch

While doing all this may seem like hard work, it is absolutely necessary if your business ideas are to come to life. It is however much easier and more guaranteed with Global Business Pitch, the ideal entrepreneur’s platform.

Global Business Pitch is a dedicated and Google indexed page which brings together entrepreneurs with international business ideas and investors from all walks of life, all over the globe. Here, the entrepreneurs get a chance to meet potential investors without the hustle of having to book meetings and trying to get a spot into their busy schedules.

Investors too are able to look for the next potential breakthrough from the entrepreneurs and take advantage of the ideas before they are brought to life.

The best thing about it is that the platform is not only popular with both parties, it is also free and no registration is required.

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