Business Sustainability – an Overview

graphWhen starting or growing a small business, sustainability and footprint should be one of the first considerations rather than an afterthought or an added bonus. Entrepreneurs who are typically tight on money when trying to get things going might feel that they don’t have the capitol needed in order to make sure their business is sustainable, and might push off making efforts towards waste reduction and sustainability. This is the wrong approach to take however. There are many misconceptions about the costs associated with sustainability, recycling, and other “green” practices, but in reality there are affordable options that actually can save you money in the long run.

The actual definition of sustainability are the efforts made to take full account of its triple bottom line; social responsibility, environmental concerns, and economic improvements. With these three things in mind any entrepreneur can begin their journey to sustainability.

It’s good to have a plan that focuses on relationships with the community and employees best interest in mind. These companies quickly gain a good reputation opposed to those who only focus on short term profits and making as much money as possible. Community support can bring you a host of benefits including a loyal clientele, support from local governments, and resiliency in times of crisis. Each new sustainable practice you employ gives you the opportunity to publicize it and gain awareness for your brand and values.

Waste balers and compactors from a company like Miltek are one of the easiest first steps to take. Getting plastic and cardboard waste under control is affordable and easy with the use of a baler or compactor. There are a variety of sizes and form factors available to meet the needs of almost any business that produces significant material waste. Normally you will be able to get a cost-savings analysis before you purchase a machine, so you can have an idea of the actual cost and not be so intimidated by the upfront cost. There are also many other investments that should also be researched and considered by anyone looking to improve their businesses sustainability and reduce footprint.

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