Start a Small Animation Business in 2015? Here’s How!

LuggageAre you looking to start an animation business?  We take a look at some important things you have to keep in mind.  Before we get to that though, it is important to point out the challenges of starting your own business. A good example is the fact that you may no longer have your weekends to yourself like every other person, as you may have to spend it looking for opportunities, following up prospects and doing the dreaded accounts.

Identify the kind of work you want to do

The first thing you must decide at this time is what kind of service you want your business to offer. If your business is to focus on the making of short films, you need to make sure you understand the full pipeline of animation production, starting from pre-production up.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking that only the biggest animation projects need to go through the right processes, or you may never complete any project.

Setup a team

You may not have all the requisite skills for making a short film. So you need additional hands to get things started. As an animator, you will be better served teaming up with a designer, and in situations where you intend to make 3D films, you will need experts in lighting, texturing, rigging and modelling.  Also, making a film will require the appointment of an editor, a director, a designer and a producer that will help in the management of the process.  If your budget is small for a particular project, you may end up taking on dual roles so you must be adequately prepared.

Choose a name for your business

You can choose any name you want of course, but you must remember that a good business name is important if you want people to remember and see your business as more than a one-man establishment. A good company name should be able to define exactly what your business is all about. Don’t dwell on the name stage too much though as you can, contrary to popular belief, change it in future when things begin to heat up.

Don’t pick your team aimlessly

When setting up a business, you need to be very careful who you go into the business with. In some cases, your best friend may not be the best possible business partner for you. You need to ask yourself if the other individual adequately compensates for any weaknesses you may have. The best business partners are those that have skills that complement yours and also agree on the main purpose of the business.

Develop a business plan

A business plan will help you to have a clear view of what is required to launch your business. The business plan should summarise what you are trying to achieve in one document. Here is a good piece on how to write a business plan.

Develop a website

To make your business visible in today’s world, you need a website. Your business website is where you will showcase your skills and also host sample animated content from your stables. Animation business websites are media intensive so you will need high speed webhosting from businesses like, or risk losing potential clients.

By following these tips, you can move yourself a step or two closer to launching your small animation business in 2015.

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