The Benefits of Nootropic Drugs

At various points in our lives, we wish for many different things, everything from wealth to beauty. However, there is one wish that tends to be recurring throughout life, to be smarter. Anytime a decision turns out for the worse, we wish we had been smarter when making the decision in the first place. If we fail a test, the first thought is always, if only I had been smarter. There are an abundance of times, this wish is at the forefront of the mind. What if I told you that it doesn’t have to remain just a wish? It is true, with nootropic drugs (smart drugs) you can improve your cognitive function, memory, creativity, and even motivation.

The first thing that you need to know is what exactly a nootropic drug is and how it works. Nootropic is a class of drug, these particular drugs are often referred to as smart drugs because their intended use is to improve a person’s cognitive function. Some nootropics are naturally occurring substance and others are entirely manmade. There are five specific criteria requirements that must be met in order for something to be classified as a nootropic. First, they must improve memory and the ability to learn. Second, t must help the brain to more easily function under disruptive conditions. This is not in reference to outside distractions, it is referring to problems such as hypoxia and electroshocks. The third requirement is that the substance must protect the brain from assault, both from chemical means and physical means. The fourth requirement is that it must increase the efficacy of neuronal firing control mechanisms. Finally, the fifth requirement is that is must have no (or at least very few) side effects and it must be essentially non-toxic. Keep in mind that the term nootropic or smart drug is often used in a very broad sense. Therefore, not every substance referred to in this manner actually meet the requirements to be an actual nootropic.

Types of Nootropics:

  • Amphetamine, also known as Adderall. This nootropic helps the individual with focus. This particular drug is most often prescribed for those suffering from ADHD and it does have its own set of drawbacks. Besides aiding a healthy adult individual with focus, attention, short-term memory, and motivation it also reduces fatigue. Because of this, someone using amphetamine can become jittery and experience an increase in anxiety. It is also potentially addictive.
  • L-theanine. This substance is found in green and black teas and the positive effects include improved mental endurance, alertness, calm, and reaction time. This nootropic works extremely well with caffeine to have an even more effective reaction. This type of nootropic can be consumed via a capsule or by simply drinking a couple cups of green or black tea. If you decide to use capsules and still want the added benefit of caffeine, drink a cup of coffee when you take your capsule.
  • Rhodiola Rosea. With this nootropic, the user will experience more energy and less stress. However, one of its main functions to shield the user’s brain from environmental toxins. An example of environmental toxins is pesticides. This nootropic is generally consumed as a lozenge.
  • Modafinil.This nootropic comes in the form of a supplement and aids the user with focus and memory, both long and short-term. This nootropic works by increasing brain-derived neurotrophic factor levels which also increase during exercise.

Listed above are some of the many benefits to taking nootropic drugs, information about what they are and a short list of smart drug reviews that we reference now after going over dozens of others. One area that nootropic supplements help a great deal is that of mental health. These substances have been shown to improve an individual’s mood, their stress levels, and their anxiety levels. Less stress and anxiety paired with a better mood makes for a much healthier mental status. Another area where nootropics have proven themselves is within the world of athletics. Some of the ways nootropics help athletes is by improving concentration, reducing fatigue, and boosting mental clarity. Likewise, these “smart drugs” are beneficial in the academic world, as well as for those performing manual labor, those who are aging, and artists. In other words, no matter what your walk of life, nootropics can benefit you in some way. Of course, it is vital to determine and only use the most appropriate nootropic as not all of them work in the same way or have the same effects.

As mentioned above, coffee (more accurately caffeine) is a great additive to certain nootropics as it has its own boosting powers to provide aid with energy, focus, and memory. This is not the only substance that acts as a great additive to nootropics, though it is decidedly tastier than the next substance on the list; fish oil. Taking a fish oil supplement is wonderful for improving overall brain health. It is vital to keep your brain at peak functioning condition or else the nootropics will not be able to do their job correctly. Taking nootropics often causes more oxygen to flow to the brain resulting in a healthier brain. When you pair fish oil with a nootropic, your brain will be much healthier overall. This means the user will get even more out of the experience than they would with just a nootropic supplement.

There are a great many potential benefits that come from taking nootropic supplements (smart drugs). You can improve many areas of your life including, but certainly not limited to, the health of your brain, your mental health, and improve your work performance. This is, after all, only a short list of what you could accomplish with nootropics in your life. As with anything, there are certain risks and they are generally individual to each type of nootropic. However, the good far outweighs the bad and there are some nootropics that have virtually no side effects whatsoever. Do the best you can for your brain, and your brain will thank you.

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