Unfortunately, nowadays it is much easier to destroy our body than to strengthen it. We need increased attention and dedication in order not to be sedentary and to be careful and aware of what we introduce into our body, otherwise we can very easily “fall into the nets” of spending hours in front of packages beautifully colored from the market, full inside of inappropriate, artificial and unhealthy substances.

The destruction of the body, of health, and of the complex metabolisms inside it is most frequently done by 4 mistakes:

  1. Unhealthy food
  2. Prolonged exposure to stress
  3. Lack of rest
  4. Lack of physical activity

1. Unhealthy food:

Food is essential for the body, it is his daily “fuel” and represents the “bricks” from which the body is built, therefore it is necessary to give it the best. But what is the best?

Many people, by good mean fast food, grills, chips, carbonated juices, white flour, sugar, and many other products rich in E-s.

The problem is that with these products we are destroying the body instead of strengthening it.

A healthy diet consists of what the body needs to develop harmoniously and to protect it from the many increasingly common diseases, such as: cancer, diabetes and diabetic neuropathy, hypertension, gout, thyroid, cholesterol, and many others.

What does healthy eating mean?

On our blog you will find many articles related to nutrition and references to nutrition in most articles, however we will briefly list the essential principle of healthy nutrition:

Consume fruits and vegetables as fresh and natural as possible, whole grains, legumes, seeds, nuts. In short, what nature offers us and does not ask us for anything in return. The proportion of live, raw food in your diet should be at least 50%. Be careful to have regular meals and to get up from the table when you are not yet over-full. For more in-depth information about nutrition, consider reading StrotherHealth.com Supplement Reviews.

2. Prolonged exposure to stress:

Stress is a common word that we all use. Stress is a dangerous toxin because it overloads the body and exhausts it, like an engine that always runs at maximum speed. This is how “defects” appear, diseases that are increasingly common.

We use the word “stress” so often that it has come to seem trivial, but it is a factor of significant importance for our health.

3. Lack of rest:

Most people are always tired for several reasons:

  • the sleep-wake cycle is not correct: they go to bed too late, and they wake up too late(it’s not a mistake, they wake up much too late)
  • watching TV, tablet or phone in the evening (blue light generators that inhibit melatonin secretion)
  • he eats too late and combines food incorrectly
  • I do too little physical effort
  • they are too stressed at work and cannot get rid of stress when they get home

Although the main recommendations are a little below, in order to be more rested, you only need to reverse the above:

  • to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier
  • in the evening before going to bed, read a book instead of sitting on the phone
  • to have a healthy diet and not to eat anything at least 3 hours before going to bed
  • to exercise daily
  • to get rid of stress, sports, reading and spending time with your loved ones will help you a lot

4. Lack of physical activity:

Most people are sedentary, they don’t use their muscles, they don’t move their lymph, they don’t eliminate toxins, and that’s how diseases appear.

Although gyms seem more and more full and more and more people participate in amateur sports events, the truth is that the percentage of those who do sports regularly is less than 5% of the population.

If you also belong to the 95% who do sports only “occasionally” and if the ones I listed above, through the 4 frequent mistakes, seem familiar to you, it would be good to review your daily calendar, and the proposals above will come in handy!

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