How to Get a Tattoo Without any Risk?

Tattoo_OutlineThere is a myth that getting a tattoo is risky on your skin. To tell the truth, such things are told and believed only by those people who don’t have courage to get inked. Getting a tattoo can be totally safe, if you take few simple precautions. Tattoos are usually very safe. All you need to do is choose a professional tattoo artist and follow all the dos and don’ts suggested by him.

If you are new to tattoo and have zero idea about things to look for, then just make sure the tattoo parlor that you have chosen is clean and hygienic and follows proper guidelines. Here are few of the important things to look for at a tattoo parlor or to ask the artist there, in order to keep your mind at ease and be confident about your decision:

Autoclave and sterilization

When you visit the parlor, make sure the place has an autoclave machine, which is used to sterilize the equipment. Most of the good tattoo parlors will have this machine. In case, you do not spot the machine, ask the artist for sterilization certificate. In case, the artists deny for the certificate, then leave that place immediately.

Both tattoo artists and parlors for tattoo removal should have autoclave and sterilization certificate. Always ensure these two things when you are out to find tattoo removal in Scottsdale AZ.

Is the artist trained?

Ask the artist at the parlor about the certifications he has done. A good tattoo artist will have many certificates and testimonial from his clients. The best is that a professional tattoo artist will love to flaunt his certificates and if he hesitates, then know that he is not the right artist for you.

Ink, water and ointment safety

Always ensure that the ink, ointment, water and other items have not been transferred to a universal container after they have been used for any client. This is for obvious reason. Doing so can spread diseases. Always make sure that the ink and needles that the artist uses on you if from the fresh package.

Sterilized needles

Needles are inks are very important part of tattoo making. Therefore, always make sure that the artist is using a new needle on you.  New needles too need sterilization.  Check if the new needles have been removed from an autoclave bag in front of you or not. This will ensure that needles are clean and fresh to be used.

No alcohol or any drug

It is a myth that getting tattoo under the influence of alcohol is less painful. The truth is that if you get the tattoo under any kind of influence, then you may risk your body. When you drink, alcohol makes your blood thinner.

Thin blood can come out while piercing your skin using needles and can mess up the whole design. Also, this blood can cause serious skin infection too. Therefore, do not take alcohol or any sort of drugs prior to tattoo making. You may take a painkiller if required, but only after consulting your tattoo artist.

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