How To Store Your Firearms Safely

Gun ownership is a second amendment right afforded to US citizens since 1791. With this right, however, comes some responsibility. You neaed to use those firearms responsibly. You need to use them for the right purposes. You need to keep them from falling into the wrong hands. You need to protect others, including your family, from being able to access them without supervision. For these last two items, you need a way to store your firearms safely. Here are some recommendations from most to least secure.

Extremely Secure

A gun safe is the highest level of security you can get for your firearms. The walls and door of the safe are steel and heavy-duty. The safe itself is heavy and difficult to move. The safe includes thick bolts that lock in multiple positions to prevent it from being pried open. Many safes can be bolted to the ground, making them even more difficult to break into. As a bonus, most gun safes also offer fire protection, making them a good place to store other valuables. If you’re looking for a deal, many websites have stack on safes for sale.

Considerably Secure

The next step down in terms of security is a gun cabinet. These cabinets are made from steel and can be locked up similar to a gun safe. Many have the capability of being bolted to the ground or wall. The main difference is they are much lighter weight and do not offer the fire protection that many safes include. Gun cabinets also have less complicated locking systems than gun safes, making them slightly less secure. In many states that have stringent firearm storage laws, a gun cabinet is the minimum level of security you can choose to lock up your weapons.

Moderately Secure

In a pinch, a gun case can act as a good place to store your firearms. Most gun cases, whether plastic or metal, have clasps to secure the case. Most also have a way to lock the case, either with a padlock or with included locking mechanisms. These will protect your family from getting at the weapons unsupervised but are not a good deterrent for thieves. Thieves can just take the cases and open them later.

Minimally Secure

The last way to secure your guns is with a simple trigger lock. These locks are designed to either feed through the action or clamp around the trigger. Both prevent the firearm from being fired. While better than the weapon not being locked up at all, they are not very secure against theft and can be easily circumvented.

While gun ownership is a right, be a responsible owner. Make sure your firearms are secure and safe.

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