Pros and Cons of Phone Cards

dsWhen trying to establish a cellular phone network service there are many options to choose from. From an outside perspective, the abundance of options can seem a bit overwhelming, but in actuality, it is just the way you are perceiving it. Imagine when you look at any form of advanced machinery, how about a car’s engine for instance. From the untrained eye, if you were to look under the hood, it would be an unbearable amount of mechanical and electrical systems that would be far too much to comprehend all at once. Now if you took the same engine and broke it down piece by piece it would be entirely easier to fathom. The same goes for getting yourself onboard with a network service provider and communicating successfully. If you break down the advantages and disadvantages of each network service into a simple pros and cons list, coming to an informed conclusion becomes much easier to do.

Phone Cards are a very valuable tool for getting yourself on the network and here is why:


  1. Freedom to choose- Phone cards allow you to be a free spirit and bounce from each best deal to the next. With no contract to abide by, you are not locked into a plan until the end of time.
  2. Not Credit Based- Phone cards are not credit based so you are not subject to a credit check upon buying a phone card.
  3. Your unused minutes roll over- That is right, unlike a monthly phone plan where all of your unused minutes drift into oblivion, this is not the case with a phone card. If you do not use all of the minutes you bought, you can keep them for a month, or six months, whenever you need them they will be there.
  4. They double as credit card in most cases-They are preloaded, so as long as you keep it filled with cash, then no matter where you go, you will be able to make a purchase with just a swipe of a card.
  5. You can even raise your credit score- Depending on the phone card, if the company reports to the credit bureau, your credit score can even raise as well. To enjoy the benefits of a phone card go to


  1. You cannot get group discounts- For instance, with a family plan if you were to bring on multiple people your rate would drop as a result.
  2. It may cost more per minute- The rates may be a bit more if you only buy the minutes you need multiple times per month. It always pays to buy more than you need because they will not go away.

Clearly, phone card’s benefits far outweigh their downsides. After shedding some light on all that phone cards have to offer it would be more than a mistake, to say the least, to use any other service to get on the network. Make sure you come prepared with knowledge to avoid over paying when you look for your next network provider, it could just save you more than you think.

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