Self Storage For Business – How And Why It Makes Commercial Sense

house-valueWhen it comes to running your own business, whether you offer services, products or a mixture of everything in between, space often becomes an issue as your business gets more and more successful and growth really starts to push forward, often quicker than you expected.

Quite often, businesses can grow at a rate that is appreciated from an income point of view, but when it comes to the structures, foundations and policies that are in place, means they can quickly fall away and the business then reaches a point where everything is a bit lost in translation and often has to take a bit of a step back to allow everything to catch up. Success comes in many forms, but, success without the foundations in place can often be short-lived, which is why as businesses and companies grow, it is vital that everything is in place to support this.

Space is often one of the biggest problems and barriers that a business can face, as when space becomes limited it can impact growth but it can also impact productivity, as if you are working in cramped and cluttered conditions, life can become very challenging indeed, with lack of space one of the biggest causes of issues when it comes to stress in the workplace (and the home of course). Space can also be an issue as the business simply does not have the capacity to take more stock or make more products, and even as a service related company, there might be a lack of space for office furniture, exhibition material and many other items.

When space becomes an issue, the business concerned has very few choices, as they can either decide to expand and get more space, or operate at stable levels, never really increasing profits as they just simply cannot without extra room. Anyone that runs a business will know that quite simply, just expanding their office, factory or premises is not easy and not cheap, as there is often not the room to do so at their current location, or they just cannot afford to move. Logistically, they might want to stay where they are as it works and is perfect for staff and customers, so this makes physical expansion nigh on impossible.

And then, out of the blue, comes a solution, like a light bulb being turned on, as self storage is the perfect option for many businesses looking for more space, on a flexible, expandable and cost effective basis, as not only is hiring a storage unit or two the perfect option, but it is a very viable option for the majority.

Self storage just works, and it works because:

  • It Is Affordable – You can hire storage units on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, meaning that you pay for what you want and when you want it, rather than being committed to huge expansion costs and long term contracts.
  • It If Flexible – You can hire for as long as you like, you can change your rental terms throughout and you can expand or decrease the unit size as you see fit, which makes self storage a very flexible option for any business.
  • Works For Many Options – No matter what your business is, self storage can work, providing the facility is willing to accept the items you are looking to store. Of course, there will be exclusions, but generally, you can store the items you need and if you work it right, you can end up with some decent space for a low cost.

Thanks to Thornbury Self Storage for this article, offering storage solutions for both commercial and domestic customers in the South West, covering Bristol, Gloucestershire and South Wales.

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