Top Tips for Visiting Kiama on Business

Business travel can be hectic and stressful especially if it’s an impromptu one. Not only do you have to quickly learn about your destination’s safety, transportation systems, government policies, where to eat and stay, but you also have to ensure you’re in constant communication with your company back at home as well as the clients you’re going to meet.

If you are planning to travel down south for business, below are some Kiama travel tips to help make your business trip less stressful and more fulfilling.

Getting In and Around: Kiama Travel Tips

There are numerous transportation options for visitors in Kiama.

If you are getting into the country, you will most likely check in at the Sydney Airport. From there, you can choose to travel by personal car, train, coach, or bicycle.

  • By private vehicle: The advantage of using a hired car is that you can stop over any place you wish to for sightseeing, taking pictures, or meeting the locals. However, do note that hired vehicles can be too costly as they are charged for the number of days hired or distance covered.
  • By coach: This is a cheaper option than hiring a personal car. Some buses leave Sydney to Kiama, most of which are modernized with air-conditioning and comfortable seats.
  • By train: At the metro station, you can pick a train going to Kiama. It is cheap and convenient, especially if you are on a budget.
  • By bicycle: If you decide to enjoy the scenic views in Kiama, a bike would be a better choice. Although it will take up most of your energy, you can have fun and enjoy the ride by following the bicycle route from Bulli, all the way to the coast of Kiama.

Accommodation and Restaurants

Kiama has all types of accommodation facilities to cater for all budget allocations. Just Make use you make your reservation in advance so you can keep up with your schedule. Use the NobelApp for cheap international phone calls.

From cheap camping and caravan areas, bed and breakfast motels, apartments and lavish restaurants, there is a place for everybody to be relaxed and comfortable. Kiama also has award-winning restaurants with delicacies such as Mexican, Italian, Indian dishes, and modern contemporary Australian dishes.

Attractions and Activities

When you have to time to squeeze some sightseeing time, here are some of the most notable attractions and activities include:

  • The Blowhole – This is the most visited place in Kiama you cannot afford to miss. Entering the site is free. You can also take pictures as you watch the blowhole in action.
  • The Lighthouse – Just next to the blowhole is the lighthouse, which gives a fantastic overview of the whole south coast.
  • Sandy Beaches – Surf, swim, and dive at the beautiful beaches in Kiama. You can bask in the sun at the Jones beach or take a cruise on the Bombo beach.

Other activities are also available in Kiama such as fishing from the rocks, hiking, camping, boating, Jamberoo Action Park, golfing at the Jamberoo golfing club, and so much more.

Follow these Kiama travel tips to select the perfect place for you to have fun and enjoy your vacation. Remember that if you do have to book a hotel, do it before your arrival to avoid missing out on these accommodations.

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