Wireless charging technology from Humavox

ewdwqWireless charging has always shared a kind of hit and miss relationship with the current mobile industry. The wireless industry has kept dipping in and out of their range of products and they’ve kept experimenting between their accessory status and sheet feature. 2015 was a year which saw a wide array of technologies mature and there was a major merger between PMA and A4Wp, which left the entire wireless charging industry in an interesting place.

If you’re someone who has got some idea on wireless charging, you must have heard about the company Humavox which is a developer of a remarkable technology in the field of wireless charging. It uses the radio frequency technology and offers the users with intuitive charging experience with its ETERNA platform. One can implement this technology into some of the smallest devices like IoT devices and wearables. Read on to know more about the company and its technology.

The convenient experience of charging wireless

As there is a growth in the number of devices, charging has indeed become one of the biggest problems which need to be resolved soon. But when thinking of the most natural charging experience, it was realized that it wasn’t unanimous. Rather there were changes with various products and between different users. The ultimate charging technology would be flexible enough so that it can be worn into different forms and shapes and also be fitted into various products and devices. This would allow everyone to use it with ease. Keeping in mind this rule, they build a tech platform called ETERNA.

ETERNA allows the designers of the products to copy the existing usability of the user’s patterns by incorporating wireless charging into any object where users drop their devices. Their aim is to make charging as simple as dropping a coin in a box.

Intuitive charging – Drop & Charge

Throughout the phase of development of the wireless charging technology, the main inspiration came from the regular users and the way in which they naturally use the electronic devices and it is for them that the term ‘Intuitive Charging’ was coined. This refers to their belief that the electronic devices should recharge at the same place from where they’re placed, regardless of how they have been placed. This was what Drop & Charge meant and the final goal was to increase convenience of the users.

The technology of Humavox

As mentioned above, ETERNA wireless charging platform utilizes the near-field RF (Radio Frequency) resonance and it amalgamates proprietary algorithms and active components and then applies it within a cavity which shares some unique properties. This leads to the creation of a strong RF path which acts as a transmitter between the system’s transmitting and the elements that are receiving. This thereby allows highly efficient wireless power transfer to the main device which is under charge, irrespective of its position, orientation and placement.

So, when it comes to wireless power, the name of Humavox needs a mention. Through their groundbreaking innovations, they are moving towards achieving a pinnacle of success.

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