3 Rapidly Evolving Technologies with High Business Potential


wrfgqergBusiness ideas are all around you. Whether you are a successful business owner, serial entrepreneur, or newcomer to the business world, there are no shortage of ideas wherever you look.

One area in particular, with an ever increasing amount of business potential is, you guessed it, technology.

Technology has been rapidly growing and evolving at exponential rates since the introduction of the internet. With all these innovations come endless possibility for business savvy go-getters.

There are three specific areas of technology that continue to grow faster than most others. This article discusses those three areas, which you may want to start paying more attention to.


What is HMI? It stands for Human Machine Interface, which can be defined as any software or device that allows people to interact with machines.

Your smartphone is an HMI. So is your iPad, computer monitor and mouse combo, and even your smartwatch, if you have one.

HMI’s have a wide array of uses and applications – from manufacturing plant monitoring and operations, to simple interactions with kids and their parents’ smartphones. That’s why the world of HMI has an almost endless amount of opportunities for business hopefuls to tap into.

As technology evolves, the way humans interact with machines will continue to improve. Those improvements won’t happen in a vacuum, and that’s where opportunists like you can get involved.

Internet of Things

If you haven’t heard of the Internet of Things (IoT), that’s OK. Most people haven’t, which is really quite fascinating considering IoT is all around you.

It is in your home, at your office, and in your car. IoT is just the term for the interconnectedness between all of your technological devices.

The Wi-Fi in your home is a great example of the IoT. Your smartphone, your television, and your laptop all operate in conjunction with one another thanks to being on a single network.

Would you ever have expected your refrigerator to be connected with the rest of your house, at least technologically? Probably not, but that’s the world you live in these days.

With Amazon’s Alexa bringing universal control to just about any potential IoT device in your home, there are plenty of reasons to get involved in the IoT market.

In fact, with new products and technological advancements happening almost daily, some would argue that there’s never been a better time to jump into the game.


As HMI and IoT continue to evolve at ever-increasing rates, one thing is for certain: cybersecurity will grow along with them.

More devices connecting to the internet means more ways for cyber criminals to hack into your network and access private information – information that you never want to have comprised.

Credit card numbers, bank account information, and social security numbers are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to potential cybersecurity breaches.

These days, lives are ruined by a single cybercrime event, which is exactly why there are plenty of business opportunities in the land of cybersecurity.

Small businesses and major corporations alike simply can’t afford the breach of their own or their customer’s personal data. This means better software, better monitoring, and improved plans for cybersecurity programs.

With such high demand, there will be lots of up-and-coming techies working tireless nights to bring this technology to the forefront.


What are some ways you can get involved with these areas of technology? Investing in others work or creating your own, obviously.

Manufacturing facilities are wildly out of date, and your smartphones improve year after year, which means HMI will have to improve with it.

More devices than ever are being connected to the IoT, which means plenty of opportunity to get involved in that area as well.

And lastly, the wars of this world are being fought on a completely different battleground than years’ past – the internet. Cybersecurity isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and neither are the possibilities for new business ventures.

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