Guide to Plan Your Strategy in Twitter

twitter-strategyNormally a strategy contained in Twitter requires less work than in other social networks or a blog. The reason is the limitation of 140 characters per tweet. As a general rule remember that Twitter is not a social network to advertise your business 24/7. Users expect more. Therefore, a good measure is that 80% of the tweets must be relevant content that interests your target and followers and only 20% on your business. These percentages vary for each brand, but you must understand that the main motivation for users to be on Twitter is to receive promotions and corporate news. Find the balance that best suits your audience.

To determine the type of content you must share, a tip is to think what he would think a follower potential of your mind if you read your last 5 or 10 tweets in your profile. The test must happen:

Would they follow my mind after reading these tweets? Do I share content of interest to them? Am I talking about the subject that interests them?

Another interesting when deciding on the board type of content is researching your competitors. Do the same exercise and read the latest tweets you have shared, number of retweets, favorites and interactions. That way you will begin to see what kind of content generates better results and interactions in Twitter. For getting immediate results many companies buy cheap follower which is ultimately not come in any work. It may damage your account for fake a follower that’s why you shouldn’t buy cheap twitter followers.

Types of Tweets

Regarding the type of tweets you can use. Here is a summary of highlights:

Questions: Asking questions is a great way to start conversations with your followers. You can link contained in a post to start the conversation on Twitter and continue it in the comments of a post.

Dating: inspiring or interesting facts that are relevant to your industry will find quotes, please share them because they tend to work very well.

Links: share your blog content and other leaders in your industry.

Photos & Videos: when you go to industry events, in the office or at other times that may be of interest to your audience, share photos on Twitter is also a great way to gain visibility.

Why do companies use Twitter?

While using Twitter is relatively simple to understand for what will my company use this network is something that is not so clear on many occasions.

Customer: from the moment you open the account in Twitter, users understand that it is a channel of communication with the company and begin to use it as such. Therefore, please note that you must support through social networks when so required and the image of your brand may be impaired. Normally such as insurance companies, airlines and telcos use this channel primarily as a means of customer service. A high volume of mentions is required and have the necessary resources to meet the demands appropriately. Professional social media service gives good result on social promotion. Different company uses this service for their social media promotion. Before buying any service check for choosing the best one for your business promotion.

Perhaps this is the most important point to differentiate into Twitter. Understand that most users are looking for quality content and interest to them. Therefore, one of the engines on Twitter strategy is content marketing.

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