How to Improve Your Website Rank

The internet is a numbers game, which is why site owners are always so worried about the number of visitors they are getting each day, week and month. And most site owners are aware of how important SEO is when it comes to site performance. Depending on the nature of your site, SEO may determine anywhere from 20 to 80 percent of your website traffic. And aside from the usual SEO steps, which can help to get your site up in the rankings, there are other techniques that can help you get your site ranking up.


1. Review Traffic Patterns

Using Google’s Search Console Helper is a great way to get your website ranking up. The console helper showcases a website’s overall traffic patterns, and gives you access to day-to-day performance figures. There are also weekly and monthly options, to gain a broader understanding of when the most traffic is coming to your site.

The goal is to understand if there are any peaks and troughs. If your traffic is jumping up and down, especially on the weekly view section, you may have some issues. Understanding what you were doing differently or the status of your website during those down periods is key to getting your site’s rank up.

2. Manage All-Time Best Performers

The helper also gives you access to the all-time best performing pages on your site. You can view the clicks, impressions, CTR percentage and the position of each page. If you are viewing these page statistics regularly, you can assess whether any of your top performing pages are doing poorly during certain days or weeks. This can help you understand the steps you need to take in order to keep them at those lofty positions each day.

3. Use Private Blog Networks

Private blog networks are a fantastic option when you want to rank your website at a high level. Private blog networks are a series of sites that are under your control that are linking to your main site (known as the money site). Private blog networks are fantastic for companies that are involved with the health, law, electronics, shopping, finance and fashion niches. When used correctly, private blog networks can ensure your site is always getting a ton of traffic from other blogs, which plays a key role in how sites are ranked on Google and other search engines.

4. Perfect your SEO

The beauty of search engine optimization is that standards are always changing. Something that worked six months ago is sometimes irrelevant to the present ranking algorithm. Ensure you are keeping up with changes to Google’s algorithm, or new SEO tricks, and implement them onto your site. This will ensure your site always has the highest positions for search results of related keywords. Being at a high spot on results pages means people are far more likely to click on your site for information, products or services, compared to competitor websites. And that will continue to drive more traffic onto your site.

5. Other Means

In the infographic below you can learn more details on what influences search engine rankings and what you can do in order to improve the ranking of your website.


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