The Value of Online Forms (Surveys, Polls, Questionnaires, and the Rest)


frefwegFeedback is so important that even the lack of it is feedback. Very few people can read minds and tell what’s going on with others. And I mean very few people. When running a business, it’s important for you to determine the needs and wants of your intended market. In society, we need to get other people’s opinions in order to determine what is best for everyone, or a particular situation. These opinions, or data, were initially collected using various kinds of forms that were printed on paper. Thanks to the advancement of technology and the internet, we no longer have to chop down a couple of trees just to get the opinion of others. Online forms have presented a convenient and fast method for acquiring the feedback of people and their preferences about things. Let’s look at how.

Save Time

Online forms will save you a lot of time. If you were to conduct a survey using printed forms, you would a waste a lot of time preparing the forms, printing them, distributing them, collecting them, and analyzing them. Online forms eliminate most of these procedures. Online forms are digital, no tree will be cut, at least not for this purpose. You will take time to prepare the online form for the data collection, but after that, most things will be automated. there will be no printing involved. Distribution is as simple as providing the link to the online form to those who should participate. Data collection is as simple as looking at the automated results provided by the online web application that handles the forms. Analysis is as simple as looking at the results given by the online form platform that handles the forms. If you were to use the print system, this would take days to complete. But with online forms, as long as the participants have done their part, everything else can be done within minutes, or hours at most.


Online forms are accessible from various devices. They can be accessed through desktop computers as well as mobile devices. Furthermore, since the internet can be accessed from virtually any place on earth, it means people won’t have to relocate to take the survey or fill a questionnaire. They can access the forms from wherever they are, and provide the required information or data.

Moreover, online forms are more interesting, interactive, and engaging. For example, Typeform is an online form builder with several templates like an online poll maker that enables organizations and individuals to create fun, interesting, interactive, and engaging polls, surveys and questionnaires. Using a platform like this, you can create forms that get people’s attention and at the same time collect the data you need.

Save Money

Online forms will save you money just as sending emails will save you so much money compared to posting letters. If you were to use the old print method to collect data, you would spend money on paper, printing, and maybe even the venue where you would have to either go to or have people come to fill in your forms. With online forms, apart from the advanced features you may have to pay for in some platforms when creating an online form, most online forms are free and you’ll spend no money at all. Even in cases where you spend money for a special feature, it won’t be as much as you would have spent had you chosen to collect the data using the traditional print method.

Additional Functionality

I have mentioned automated results previously. With online forms, you get additional functionality; something that you would never even have dreamed of with the traditional print method. Most web applications that enable you to create online forms will also generate automated results based on the data collected through the forms. This is very convenient since you won’t have to sit down, go through every form, and determine what people are saying by doing long and tedious calculations.

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