Variety of Smart DNS Proxy VPN Servers Globally

dedeThe term smart DNS proxy server is used by companies to describe a DNS server that directs clients to a proxy server for a list of web sites and services. Access to the proxy server or DNS server is not usually free but several companies announced ‘Smart DNS’ services which are also provided freely for different types of clients. DNS services are limited most of the times to content and digital media available to be streamed or downloaded, such as,,, Any user who is not currently located within a specific geographical area that has been approved for viewing content available on these websites will automatically be blocked from using the site freely and prevented from streaming/downloading the content.

Smart DNS Proxy Server can help users to circumvent regional restrictions and to unlock banned geographical locations by acting as an intermediary system between the Internet and devices such as computers, smartphones or tablets. Smart DNS proxy service is typically a premium online subscription service that is paid by the Internet user looking to unlock the content of certain web sites. Smart DNS proxy server operates by intercepting the data required to verify the location of a user attempting to access blocked content online.


Smart DNS proxy server allows a computer and most other Internet-capable devices restricted by region to access the restricted websites and blocked content from anywhere in the world. A connection between a device and the web site containing the blocked content is set through a proxy server located within the areas approved for viewing the content. However, unlike a VPN Proxy (VPN), a DNS proxy provides no encrypted protection and does not change the entire IP address of the host device. The device preserves the original IP address and the DNS filters the required information only in order to allow the user to access the blocked content.

Data interception and diversion

The smart DNS proxy server allows users to access restricted areas, to intercept and divert data or information exchanged by proxy servers located within the region that has been approved for viewing the content. A smart DNS proxy does not encrypt data (unless users visit a https:// website), thus allowing a much faster data exchange between the website and the computer. DNS proxy ought not to be used for traffic encryption or for other security purposes. Due to the lack of end-to-end encryption, data packets are sent unencrypted over the network or ISP. For total security and encryption, virtual private network services (VPN) should be used instead. There is variety of smart DNS proxy VPN servers globally. Here you can check theSmart DNS Proxy VPN Server locations.


An smart DNS proxy does not require the user to install any software or third party applications on a device. A user can immediately access restricted content once the DNS of a device has been set for connecting to an smart DNS server located within a specific region. A smart DNS proxy can be installed and configured on any kind of devices such as desktops, laptops, smartphones, compatible televisions, and games consoles and on a wide variety of operating systems.

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