Why high quality content is needed to increase your online appeal?

rffrtgfrtwIn this day and age of insane online competition, a simple website can be the difference between someone hiring you or choosing someone else. Market research conducted by retail giant Amazon has shown that 94% of all potential clients can be impressed by providing a person with concise, clear and well delivered data. Other than that factors such as website design and overall visual appeal have also been shown to play a substantial role in getting a client’s attention.

This is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes in. By refining our online content and through delivering high-quality data, a business can rise in Google’s search rankings and can come up as one of the top searched results in the relevant area.

Listed below are some of the key ways on how quality content can improve our business:

(i) Producing quality content increases market reach: when we have informative data that is presented in a professional manner (statistics, graphs), it has the potential to grab our attention much more than regular information that has been patched together in a haphazard, random fashion.

Also, recent SEO studies have shown that when certain keywords, meta-data are used well, the product/service has a much better hit ratio when being searched by the average customer online.

(ii) Social media buzz: studies done by Facebook have revealed that unless an article is well researched and has good/catchy titles, the chances of it becoming viral are quite low. Thus, in order to optimise our data we need to produce content that is in sync with the needs and requirements of major online platforms. This includes the use of keywords, tags and other small niche details.

(iii) Builds better brand presence and authority: once a target audience sees that a particular business is delivering quality content on a regular basis. It is of high importance that these standards be maintained.

This allows for gradual market trust to be established, thereby allowing businesses to promote certain products and even increase their overall saleability. Research released by eBay points to the fact that when a seller has established good online presence, thier sale value increases by 120% on an annual basis.

(iv) Sets you up for the future: media giant Economist points out that in the year 2014, 68% of all start-up businesses that were based in the Sydney and Melbourne region faced sustainability issues, and were either forced to shut down or incur heavy losses.

To counter such issues, it is of utmost importance that when a service is launched, the owner should look to build their online presence immediately .This is only possible through SEO based services.

(v) Gets you one page 1: this is perhaps why anyone ever uses SEO services. When our product is one the first page of any search engine, our chances of being seen are greatly increased.

Additionally, market data shows that over 97% of all potential clients do not look beyond the first page when looking for specific items and products. Thus, we need to gradually work our way up the search charts to ensure maximum ROI (return on investment).

(vi) Provides better context about the product: when good context is provided to clients, there is a much better chance that our service can be better reflected and understood by the other person. This can be achieved via the use of skilful writers who specialise in content writing or other such professionals who have an excellent command over the English language.

In a recent online poll conducted by a Sydney based web giant, it was shown that websites who made use of trained writers on an average had 73% more online visibility than websites that had not.

(vii) Enhance market spread: in content creation there are articles and topics that can hold the attention of a wide array of people. For example, food and lifestyle related subjects have been found to have diverse viewership (with people from 18-65 being equally interested in a whole host of common issues).

Thus, to increase brand appeal, one should also look to publish content that not only appeals to our immediate target audience, but can also expand our base by including people who conventionally might not be in our immediate crosshairs.

In closing

Thus, by using these tangible tips that have been laid out we can help boost our business’s online visibility and overall market viability.

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