Website Development and Marketing in 2018

ferferqfeqrfeqrBesides good management, marketing is one of the major backbones of a business. I mean, you cannot sell your products or services when no one knows they exist, or if they need them. Good marketing will let your market know about the existence of your products and services, and will also create a need where none exists. Marketing is a technique and strategy that develops with time. The tricks that worked yesterday are not necessarily the same tricks that will work today and tomorrow. You have to be aware of your environment and adapt to it as it changes. The internet introduced a major change to how marketing is done. Let’s look at how website development impacts marketing in 2018.


In the recent years, the technologies employed in web design and development have changed and advanced at a rapid rate. With so many devices popping up with the capabilities of seamlessly connecting to the internet, web developers have found themselves with no choice but take note of these changes and develop websites that are meant for these devices. It would make no sense to keep making websites meant for desktop computers only when three-quarters of the population on the internet are accessing the internet with mobile and smaller devices. For this reason, creating websites that are flexible or responsive is a good strategy.

In fact, Google, the world’s leading search engine, already did a research and determined that most searches on the search engine came from mobile devices. Therefore, in 2018, Google intends to modify its algorithm such that its search result will give priority to mobile devices first, and then desktop computers. Considering this load of information, it makes sense that even marketing strategies should ensure that websites are designed to target mobile devices first because this is where the largest audience or population of any market is likely to be found. Create websites that are flexible such that the intended audience of a marketing strategy can be reached wherever they are.


Every significant company today has a website. The number one place anyone is likely to look for information about any company is through a Google search. So if you claim to be agood company buy when someone looks for you online, they find nothing, your claim will be null and void. They will look for similar services elsewhere and just like that, you will have lost a prospect. Professional companies have websites, particularly ones that have excellent web development behind them. Nothing says professionalism like a beautiful and functional website. If you want to sell and attract more clients, customers, and prospects, then part of your marketing strategy should incorporate good website development.

Company Image, Reputation, & Credibility

If a good company must have a website, then it also means that a website, particularly a beautiful and functional one is like a measuring bar on whether a company is legitimate or not. If a search for your business is made on a search engine and something amazing is discovered, then those who have discovered it will look at your company with respect and will want to learn more about you and even do business with you. And if they find more amazing things about you, that builds on your company’s image, reputation, and credibility.

Efficiency and Productivity

Establishing an online presence is far much cheaper than establishing a physical business premise for doing your business. Having a website developed for you and maintaining it is far much cheaper than all the manual marketing campaigns you’re marketing team will ever come up with. It’s cheaper for prospects, clients, or customers to find and interact with you online. All these are things that either significantly saves time or money or both. when you are saving money and at the same time making a lot of it, that’s efficiency. When you are saving time and accomplishing a lot at the same time, that’s productivity. You can interchange the words if you please, either way, web development will give you a beautiful and functional website, which will make your business more efficient and productive.

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