iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus? Which one is for you?

Apple Inc. Reveals Bigger-Screen iPhones Alongside Wearables

Apple Inc. decided to revolutionise its latest iteration of the iPhone when it launched the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus in September of 2014.

After stubbornly refusing to make devices with larger screens for years, the smartphone giant finally bowed down to increasing competition in the market and launched these big screen devices.

Another change that the firm made was to launch two iPhones instead of one. The iPhone 6 was an entry into the high-end devices section of the smartphone market, whereas the iPhone 6 Plus was an introduction in the phablet category, for competing with Samsung’s Note range.

While the launch of two new devices from Apple, and such different ones at that, was definitely exciting, it also caused confusion amongst people as they were unable to decide between the two.

Are you also wondering which model to get?

We looked at the features of both devices and understanding them can make it easier for you to make a decision.

iPhone 6 Features

Of the two phones, the iPhone 6 is smaller, but that doesn’t mean it is less capable. Along with its bigger version, it has the best graphics capability, fastest communication, NFC or near field communication and best camera.

The display is 17.5% larger than the previous iPhones and still provides the high quality viewing experience. The 8-mega pixel camera has been optimized with improvements in lens technology, image sensing and autofocus speed.

Digital image specialization (DIS) has been provided to avoid blurry image. The CPU is 25% more powerful than the iPhone 5S. A quick price check shows the iPhone 6 is also cheaper than the bigger version.

Thus, this is ideal for those who don’t want the bulk and size of a phablet and a lower price tag.

iPhone 6 Plus Features

Beautiful and big, the iPhone 6 Plus is the phone for those who love beautiful displays as it is the only iPhone which goes beyond the restriction of 326 pixels per inch. It has a very crisp and sharp display. It provides the same perks as the iPhone 6, which includes graphics capability, NFC payments and a faster processor.

However, this one offers Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), which is much better than DIS. It allows you to view the Home screen in landscape mode, a feature that isn’t even offered in Android yet. Apple has also added reachability to such a large device.

You just have to tap the home button twice, which brings down the display and leaves the top blank. The iPhone 6 Plus is the perfect fit for those who love gaming or browsing videos on YouTube because of the larger screen.

The full HD resolution of the device makes it super crisp. But, the price is definitely a consideration. The 6 Plus has a steeper price tag, which may not work for your budget. But, this is a sacrifice that you can be made for a larger, phablet like phone experience.

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