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Ways to Promote Your Music in Social Media

It is true that most artists, managers, producers, musicians and record companies understand the importance of the Internet in the promotion and dissemination of their work. Almost everyone knows how to make a page on myspace, how to register with facebook and how to create a Twitter account. The detail is that this is not enough. SoundCloud has always been [...]

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Data Security – It’s the New Anti-Virus

In the wake of the hacking at Sony Pictures, and the ensuing conversation about its causes, including the claim that, “The Interview,” provoked North Korea to hack and attack the company, data security is top of mind in the IT World. If a large name brand company like Sony Pictures can have its computer systems compromised, data stolen and wiped, [...]

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The Private Practice – a Filthy Business?

Business is always booming in the medical industry – but it isn’t always clean. In fact, if you asked the average person on the street what they thought of hospitals, they’d probably associate them mostly with dirt, grime and the norovirus. It’s a point of view that’s understandable. The media barrage you with so many headlines about “Ebola scares!” and [...]

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Information about Destination Weddings in Malta

I Do Knot, a wedding planning business run by Mauro and Petra, has full wedding services for those who want to wed in Malta. They specialize in wedding planning and organization. The company makes available all-inclusive organization. It caters to the personal preferences of its clients. It guides them through the gritty paperwork that they need to complete, providing information [...]

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Business in the Global World

These days, it is almost a sin to think of business in a strictly local setting. The world has become global and that includes everything in the business world. If you are not setting your sights on a global market, you are doing yourself and your business a disservice. Start thinking of the bigger picture and you will find your [...]

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Supply Chain Management [Infographic]

Getting your MBA is the first step toward a multitude of new career opportunities, perhaps some that you hadn’t even considered before. Supply Chain Management (SCM) is one such opportunity. Described simply, SCM involves improving efficiencies and coordinating production, inventory, location and transportation among the participants in a supply chain, but there is a lot more to this rapidly growing [...]

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New Look at Your Spending and Savings

According to many articles people really need financial help. And the most important question still remains how to save money. And this is not a surprise due to the changing economical situation in the world. The other very important reason for such necessity of financial assistance is a low level of financial literacy. I guess that this problem should be [...]

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Hong Kong Office Rental Tips: Picking the right location and the right building to setup your office

Picking the perfect office location to establish your business in Hong Kong is not an easy task. Successfully balancing the needs of location, space, cost and convenience is challenging. Before starting your search, make a list of the must-have requirements and the nice to haves.  Once these have been outlined you will be in a far better position to move [...]

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What’s Typically Sold at an Industrial Auction?

When you look at a construction site, the amount of machinery occupying your field of view can be staggering to say the least. Could you imagine how much an entire arsenal of construction equipment might cost? Without going into any figures, I am here to tell you that finding affordable construction equipment is not completely impossible. If you’re looking to [...]

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Titatium Cookware

One of the major qualities that you should look for in pots and pans is durability and that is exactly what Titatium cookware offers. It actually is the latest in the market and specially designed for commercial use. Some of the features that makes it suitable for this kind of setting is its long life. This line of cookware comes [...]

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