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Free products and services via a peer-to-peer advice model?

This is the practice through which individuals and groups become benevolent through sharing and giving. It mainly involves acts of mercy towards the poor. As such, the action arises from the expression of the virtue of charity where it focuses on giving the recipient a means of survival. A number of individuals are considered to be the proper receivers of [...]

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by / on July 3, 2014 at 6:07 am / in Management

How to keep your staff, happy, motivated and loyal

One of the best ways to cultivate high levels of staff contentment and loyalty is to regularly reward them. Many businesses fail to understand just how important a staff rewards program can be. Rewards keep employees happy; they are aware that they are valued, respected and that you, as an employer, are going beyond the requirements to ensure they are [...]

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Do Payday Loans Need an Independent Price Comparison Website?

When searching for a personal loan, consumers have the option to use comparison websites. These are designed to help you find the best deals to suit your individual circumstances. When it comes to payday loans however, there isn’t currently a price comparison website available. The question is would it really help consumers if there was one? Lack of competition increases [...]

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Ways to Save Money on a Mechanic

Worried about your brakes? Hearing strange sounds from your engine? It might be time to take your car to the shop, but if you’re low on cash, even a simple repair can turn into a major financial strain. Thankfully, you don’t have to break the bank to get your vehicle the tune-up it deserves. Here are five ways to save [...]

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by / on June 24, 2014 at 9:27 pm / in Business

Protecting Intellectual Property in Your Company

One thing that many businesses often miss when setting up or making their sure their business runs as profitably as possible and is well-protected against the unexpected, is the matter of company intellectual property. What is your company intellectual property? Your company intellectual property (IP) is the very essence of your business. It is something you create that’s unique and [...]

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by / on June 19, 2014 at 1:18 am / in Finance

Tips on Lowering the Cost of Auto Insurance if You Live in Columbus, OH

Auto insurance is an unavoidable expense that every car owner must endure. However, if you live in Columbus, OH there are some effective ways to lower the cost of car insurance. Here are six tips on lowering the cost of auto insurance. Invest in a defensive driving course. Insurance companies consider well-trained drivers to be less of a risk. Drivers [...]

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Prepaid Cards Provided by Kaiku are a Great Alternative to Having a Bank Account

Whether you have bad credit and cannot get a regular bank account or simply want to avoid the fees and stipulations imposed by traditional lending institutions, you will enjoy the freedom that comes with a prepaid debit card. Prepaid Visa or Mastercard debit cards are accepted everywhere and are a great alternative to a traditional checking account. You simply have [...]

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The Right Choice for More Thriving Businesses [Infographic]

A business bank account is really a necessity; it could make for ease and straightforwardness when balancing stats. Not possessing a business account can cause a great deal of troubles once you try to manage the funding connected with you small business. When choosing on a financial institution to manage your business account, you will have to figure out how [...]

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Getting Your Customers’ Trust

Internet shopping is the hot new thing of the moment right now. All over the world, an increasing number of companies are redirecting their attentions towards the online market, revolutionising modern business. The virtual shop is not limited by opening hours, the size of the stock room or the lack of parking outside. Why shop online? Going online is no [...]

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Savings, yes, but it depends on how you frame the question

Which countries save the most, you know, personal savings accounts, piggy banks, cash under the mattress and all of that financial stuff? It’s a great question. And a serious one at that given the worldwide recession, not to mention austerity and job insecurity we’ve all been experiencing over the last few years. There are lots of reasons to save money. [...]

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