Why You Should Consider Vaping Rather Than Smoking

frwfewrfqwVaping is now the norm. It’s been around 50 years since it was discovered and declared that smoking is significantly harmful to your health; therefore, the number of smokers has reduced considerably ever since. Nevertheless, in the recent years, the decline in the number of smokers has been quite slow. Electronic cigarettes, e-cigarettes, e-cigs, or vapor cigs is the name of the instrument that has made smoking digital; what we now call vaping. Why on earth did someone choose to come up with this method over the conventional tobacco cigarette smoking? The reason lies in the fact that this approach is much gentler on your health. In fact, research has indicated that vaping is 95% better for your health compared to smoking. So what is it about vaping that makes it more preferable than smoking?

1. A Longer and Healthier Life

The traditional tobacco cigarettes contain more than 70 harmful chemicals that are inhaled while smoking. All these chemicals have been proven to contribute to the development of cancerous cells in your body in one way or another. Due to these chemicals, a regular traditional tobacco cigarette smoker has the potential of acquiring over 10 types of cancers; cancers of the mouth, lungs, throat, bladder, kidney, liver, larynx, esophagus, rectum, colon, cervix, and pancreas. The reason behind this is that these chemicals have an adverse effect on every organ in your body they come into contact with. If there is a sure way of prolonging your life and evading an early death, it’s staying clear of smoking, especially the conventional tobacco cigarettes.

On the other hand, regardless of the insinuations that vaping may pose some potential health risks, the major adverse effect of e-cigs on a user is an addiction. E-cigarettes use a different technology than the conventional tobacco cigarettes. They make use of vaporizers, which are instruments used for containing e-liquid or e-juice (a liquid containing nicotine in lesser concentrations than that in the conventional cigarettes). The traditional tobacco cigarette smoking involves the combustion of tobacco at high degrees, which is what causes most of the harmful chemicals to be produced and inhaled. Conversely, regardless of the fact that vaping may involve combustion, it’s not necessarily at high degrees like in conventional cigarettes, and it does not necessarily use tobacco to give its smokers the high they crave. This processes significantly eliminates the production of the harmful chemicals like those present in tobacco cigarettes; hence making vaping a 95% healthier means for satisfying your nicotine cravings compared to tobacco cigarettes. Nevertheless, e-cigs still use nicotine, and that is the agent that makes them addictive.

2. Quit Smoking

Vapor cigs are a preferred alternative to tobacco cigarettes for those who find it a challenge to quit smoking. They are preferred because as indicated earlier, they are gentler on your health, and still enable you to satisfy your tobacco cravings. Therefore, they provide a chance to reduce the adverse effects of smoking if they are used as a replacement for the conventional tobacco cigarettes.

3. Variety and Style

The vapor smoke from e-cigs has a more tolerable and even pleasant odor compared to the smoke from the conventional tobacco cigarettes. Vapor doesn’t give you discolored teeth or bad breath. In fact, e-liquids come in different flavors like vanilla, menthol, banana, etc. So your non-smoking loved ones won’t have to insist you get out of the room, or non-smoking people within your vicinity won’t have to cover their noses and give you funny faces while you’re smoking. Furthermore, vaporizers come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. You actually look cool holding one of these gadgets. Vaporizers will burn your fingers less often, and they produce fewer by-products, like ash, that can mess up your outfit while in a social gathering. Vaping is more socially acceptable compared to the conventional cigarette smoking.

E-liquids, as mentioned before, come in various flavors; more flavors compared to tobacco cigarettes. This makes vaping a more enjoyable activity since you can develop your own unique taste. In fact, individuals who have switched to vaping with the intention to eventually quitting smoking, have discovered that particular flavors are more suited for the process. Ex-smokers who felt like returning to the habit realized that vaping specific flavors, particularly those they found more enjoyable, enabled them to comfortably settle for e-cigs instead of tobacco cigarettes.

4. It’s Easier on Your Pockets

For vaping, all you need is a vaporizer, and then you can be exchanging the e-liquid as desired. The most high-end vaporizers cost around $250 and once acquired, that’s it. The only thing that will be of concern is the e-liquid, which is very affordable. On the contrary, a smoker who uses a packet of the conventional cigarettes a day will spend around $300 a month. With time, compared to the e-cigs, tobacco cigarettes will turn out to be considerably expensive; not just because you’ll spend a lot of money on purchasing them, you’ll also spend a lot of money patching up the damages it’ll have caused on your health.

Vaping is still a relatively new technology that has been introduced to reduce the adverse effects of smoking, and possibly eventually completely eradicate the harmful effects of smoking. Because there hasn’t been enough time yet to tell precisely how safe vaping is, the research regarding its safety is still inconclusive. Be that as it may, one thing that’s for sure is that vaping is way better than smoking because the negative impact on your health is significantly reduced. Moreover, it’s more affordable, more socially acceptable because it’s cleaner, and it’s more fun and enjoyable due to the many flavors available. Vaping is a much better alternative to the conventional tobacco cigarette smoking.

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