Tips for making cleaning more enjoyable

No one really enjoys cleaning, but it’s a necessary task to keep your home looking its best. However, you can take steps to make tidying up less of a chore. Approach cleaning in a more positive mindset, incorporate motivating rewards, break bigger tasks into quick daily cleaning habits, and find useful tools to eliminate drudgery. With some simple tricks, you can make maintaining a clean home feel less like a drag.

Adjust Your Mindset

Your outlook hugely impacts how you perceive activities. If you view cleaning as a tiresome, thankless job, chances are you’ll dread tackling messes. Instead, shift your perspective to appreciate the benefits. Focus on how nice it feels to unwind in a fresh, clutter-free space, show off a spotless home to guests, or simply cross a thorough cleaning off your to-do list. When you clean with a purpose, it becomes more satisfying.

Make It a Habit

No one expects you to scrub your entire home top to bottom in one session. Break bigger cleaning tasks into quick, daily tidy-up sessions. Do a 10-minute pick up at night before bed, wiping surfaces and putting items back where they belong so messes don’t snowball. Load the dishwasher after each meal. Set a reminder to vacuum high-traffic areas twice a week. Little daily cleaning habits are much easier to maintain rather than saving it all for a weekend marathon session.

Crank Up the Tunes

Music instantly lifts the mood, making any task more enjoyable. The team at The Bunion Curerecommends creating a designated cleaning playlist filled with your favorite upbeat songs to make chores feel less tedious. Upbeat tunes with energetic beats will give you a productivity boost and motivate you to keep going until the music stops playing. You can even infuse your favorite music into specific tasks, like playing lively salsa jams while you mop to inspire some dance breaks.

Incorporate Rewards

Everyone loves a good reward, especially after completing an unexciting task. Build little treats into your cleaning routine to keep you motivated. Perhaps you indulge in a rejuvenating face mask after a hectic tidying session, pour yourself a glass of wine to unwind once the chores are checked off, or finally dive into that new book when the floors are vacuumed. Attach an indulgence to look forward to post cleaning session.

Try Game-ifying It

Gamifying monotonous tasks taps into your competitive side, making chores more interesting. Set a phone timer and challenge yourself to tidy as many rooms as possible within a 10-minute burst. Or assign point values to tasks and try to rack up savings for a fun splurge purchase. Apps like Chorma turn cleaning into an RPG adventure game with stories and rewards. Even creating mini competitions among family members can drive faster cleaning success.

Stock Up on Helpful Tools

Having the right cleaning tools for the job eliminates much of the struggle. Upgrade to a lightweight cordless vacuum to effortlessly glide across floors, invest in a robot vacuum/mop to do some of the work for you, or utilize multipurpose cleaners suited for every room. The easier and more efficient you can clean, the less dreadful it becomes. Scan your space to identify any tools, like a extendable duster, that could make tidying harder-to-reach areas a breeze. The right gear makes you feel more capable of tackling messes.

Approaching cleaning in a more positive, motivated mindset can help transform chores from loathsome tasks into quick, productive habits. With handy tools, rewards and competitions, you can eliminate cleaning dread and maintain a fresh, welcoming home.

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